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Headwave, Inc. is a US / Norwegian company, which aims to augment and ultimately replace the two preceding generations of geoscience software with the third wave geoscience software. The company is headquartered in Houston, TX with offices in Norway, The Netherlands and Vietnam. The company recently introduced Headwave 3, the first Third Wave geoscience software product and Foundation for geoscience research, along with products for handling and interactive analysis of unlimited wide-azimuth datasets; stratigraphic and quantitative interpretation; pre- and post-stack interpretation and analysis; and velocity model building for domain conversion. The software is available on Windows or Linux, and takes full advantage of all compute resources (CPUs and GPUs). The Foundation provides fully documented APIs for geoscience and workflow R&D.
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Headwave Latest News

Bluware, Hue and Headwave Forming a New Powerhouse
Bluware Inc., Hue AS and Headwave Inc. will soon join forces to form the most capable and innovative organization in the field of geoscience and engineering software.
01 Nov 2016

Headwave and GeoScale announces Strategic Alliance
Headwave and GeoScale are pleased to announce a strategic alliance that will create synergies and new workflows in the geoengineering space, enabling fast visualization of large seismic, microseismic, reservoir characterization, geomechanical and engineering datasets in one highly capable container.
12 Feb 2016

Dr. Alan J. Cohen, former Chief Geophysicist of Shell Americas, joins Headwave
Dr. Alan J. Cohen, former Chief Geophysicist of Shell Americas, Director ION GX, and former Chief Technology Officer of Sigma3, joins Headwave as Strategic Advisor. Headwave, developer of the industry's first third wave geoscience software and foundation for geoscience research, aim to change how geoscientists carry out their work. As the industry's only entirely new and end-to-end GPU accelerated platform, users of the Headwave software benefit from workflow innovation as well as unprecedented productivity.
20 Nov 2015

Dan Piette joins Headwave Board of Directors
Headwave, Inc announced that Dan Piette has been appointed to the company's Board of Directors as Strategic Advisor.
04 Sep 2014


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