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INOVA was formed in March 2010 when BGP and ION Geophysical each contributed land seismic equipment assets to a new and independent joint venture company. INOVA aspires to become THE land seismic technology company of the 21st century by developing rugged and reliable seismic instruments that enable geophysical service providers to efficiently design and execute complex seismic acquisition programs on behalf of their E&P customers around the world.

Inova Geophysical Latest News

Advances in vibroseis and wireless seismic at INOVA Geophysical
US seismic equipment company INOVA Geophysical is known for its development of onshore source (vibroseis) and recording technology. Andy Bull, VP for emerging technology, explained what advances have been made to date.
15 Jul 2016

Inova - mini-vibes, low fequency and UAVs
Interesting recent developments in land seismic recording technology include 'mini-vibes', low frequency seismic, and UAVs for wireless seismic quality control, says Andy Bull, VP Product Development, Emerging Technologies at INOVA Geophysical. But we may be reaching the limit of the number of seismic channels we are able to record without significant advances in computing technology.
20 Mar 2015

INOVA assigns new vice president of digital sensors
INOVA Geophysical has promoted Dr. Arjun Selvakumar to Vice President of Digital Sensors.
25 Jul 2013

INOVA's Clarity Broadband Solution
INOVA Geophysical will introduce their new Clarity Broadband Solution at the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) conference in London, June 10-13. The solution includes a full portfolio of broadband technologies capable of generating and recording the wide bandwidth data oil and gas companies are now demanding.
06 Jun 2013

INOVA's G3i Digital
INOVA Geophysical announced the launch of G3i Digital, a new high-capacity, cable-based land seismic acquisition system that captures higher resolution, multicomponent data for enhanced imaging and improved characterization of the subsurface.
09 May 2013

INOVA Geophysical announces changes to its executive structure
INOVA Geophysical reached its third year of operations and has made some adjustments to its executive staff to better manage its growth.
18 Apr 2013

Tim Hladik appointed senior vice president of product development for INOVA
INOVA Geophysical of Houston has promoted Tim Hladik to senior vice president of Product Development.
05 Feb 2013

Glenn Hauer appointed president of INOVA Geophysical
Glenn Hauer has been appointed president and CEO of INOVA Geophysical, a provider of land geophysical technology based in Houston.
01 Nov 2012

Tesla Exploration buys 10,000 wireless Inova seismic stations
Tesla Exploration, a seismic acquisition company based in Calgary, has acquired 10,000 x 3 channel wireless seismic recording stations from INOVA Geophysical.
11 Jun 2012

INOVA Geophysical launches cabled land seismic system
Houston land geophysical equipment company INOVA Geophysical has launched a new cabled land seismic recording system with supports over 100,000 channels, called G3i.
09 Mar 2012


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