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Integrated Operations (Trondheim) conference

IO Science and Practice is the international meeting place that will bring you to the network and give you trends and opportunities for research and business in integrated operations. You will meet the players from oil companies, suppliers, research laboratories and universities around the world. Intelligent petroleum fields and integrated operations are the most significant contributor to the next generation of petroleum field management.

Integrated Operations (Trondheim) conference Latest News

Sharing knowledge about facilities operations
Plans are underway in Norway for a centre for sharing knowledge about facility operation
21 Feb 2013

Can we be more flexible?
Do we design facilities assuming that we know more than we do, asks Andrew Gibson
21 Feb 2013

Learning from healthcare
Professor Samer Faraj, Canada Research Chair in Technology, Management and Healthcare at the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University, Montreal, talked about his studies of staff working at hospitals dealing with emergencies, and how the oil and gas industry might be able to learn from that.
21 Feb 2013

IO - getting it implemented
A discussion at the Trondheim Integrated Operations conference covered different configurations of IO,how much to standardise processes, how best to integrate suppliers, the difference between standardisation and governance
21 Feb 2013

BP's Field of the Future - moving to phase three
BP's Field of the Future project is now moving to its third phase, which is getting everything implemented and integrated, says Steve Roberts, who leads the program
07 Feb 2013

Areal monitoring of the reservoir
Shell is developing ways to make it easier and faster to implement permanent reservoir monitoring systems
31 Jan 2013

'Integrated Operations' conference held in Trondheim - videos available
The annual 'Integrated Operations' conference was held this week (Sept 25-26) in Trondheim, Norway, looking at new approaches to helping oil and gas companies improve safety, production and recovery.
28 Sep 2012

Measurables better than probabilities for risk
The risk of offshore operations is better looked at in terms of direct measurables - do we have a barrier or not - rather than probabilities, says Dr Robin Pitblado, director for HSE Risk Management Services at DNV
02 Dec 2011

Control room mentality - the best way to improve safety?
One way to maintain the safety and reliability of a system is to have teams in charge of it, said Dr Emery Roe of the Centre for Catastrophic Risk Management, University of California, Berkeley.
02 Dec 2011

What are your capabilities?
Most oil and gas industry companies define what they do by their products. But they would be better off defining what they do by their capabilities (ie what they can do which people will pay a premium for), and their relationships. Most importantly, understand that the most important capabilities in an industry can change, says Professor Venkat Venkatraman of Boston University School of Management
17 Nov 2011


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