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Intelligent Energy Event

Each SPE Intelligent Energy International event marks a milestone on the Oil & Gas industry's road map to fully integrated operations.

SPE Intelligent Energy International responds to the need for innovative and more efficient methods to maximise production, increase recovery and improve HSE.

SPE Intelligent Energy International provides the E&P Oil & Gas industry with a platform to discuss digitally enabled and associated technology as well as debate the issues of people, process and change management in a collaborative conference and exhibition environment.

Intelligent Energy Event Latest News

Aberdeen to host global intelligent energy conference and exhibition in 2016
Aberdeen is to host the oil and gas industry's foremost intelligent energy (IE) conference and exhibition in 2016.
09 Oct 2014

New strategies for Intelligent Energy from BP, ExxonMobil and Schlumberger
The technical sessions at this year's Intelligent Energy conference in Utrecht (April 2014) included talks from BP on measuring DOFF maturity; BP on managing control system safety overrides; ExxonMobil on maintaining control system security; Schlumberger on reducing people onboard; and Eigen on helping drillers get compliant with control systems security standards
04 Sep 2014

Making IE a grand scale success - Intelligent Energy Report
Steps which would help make intelligent energy a 'grand scale success' include taking a longer term view, understanding the pace of change, and perhaps getting more women involved, according to discussions in the third plenary session of Intelligent Energy 2014
26 Aug 2014

Smart fields at Salym Petroleum and BP Angola
The second plenary session, 'Intelligent Energy in the Assets', looked at what companies have achieved so far, with speakers from Schlumberger, Salym Petroleum and BP Angola
07 Aug 2014

Intelligent Energy - Plenary Session
The first plenary session of the Intelligent Energy conference in Utrecht, Netherlands in April looked at "aspirations" with speakers from Saudi Aramco, Statoil, Shell and ExxonMobil talking about where they would like intelligent energy to go
31 Jul 2014

Dubai SPE Intelligent Energy call for papers
The Society of Petroleum Engineers has issued a 'call for papers' for the 2013 Intelligent Energy conference to be held on October 28-30 in Dubai.
20 Dec 2012

Ways to improve production - report from Intelligent Energy
Technical sessions at the 2012 SPE Intelligent Energy conference in the Netherlands covered a range of ways to improve production, on complex fields, old fields, across Africa, with thermal EOR and with fibre optics. With speakers who were employees of Shell, Chevron and Schlumberger
13 Sep 2012

Improving drilling - Intelligent Energy
The SPE Intelligent Energy conference in the Netherlands included a range of technical papers on how to improve drilling performance with better data and better use of data - reports of papers from employees of ExxonMobil, SINTEF, Saudi Aramco, Chevron
13 Sep 2012

ConocoPhillips - making integrated operations work
ConocoPhillips celebrated 40 years of production from its Ekofisk field (in the Southern part of the North Sea) in June 2011, and on the same day received approval for a $40bn redevelopment of the field, said Brage Sandstad, Manager Norway Operations, ConocoPhillips, also speaking at the 3rd plenary session of Intelligent Energy conference in Utrecht.
31 Aug 2012

Unconventionals drive new ways of thinking - Halliburton
Development with unconventionals are driving new ways of thinking, particularly learning from the manufacturing industry, said Jonathan Lewis, Senior Vice President, Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa Region, Halliburton, speaking at the 2012 Utrecht Intelligent Energy conference
31 Aug 2012

Giving people more attention - views from Chevron, BP, USC
Speakers from Chevron, BP and USC talked about the topic of people at the second plenary session of Intelligent Energy - a topic which 'deserves a lot more attention than we usually give it,' said Jim Crompton, manager of Upstream IT Architecture, Chevron
31 Aug 2012

Intelligent Energy: Shell, Saudi Aramco, BP, Petoro
Speakers from Shell (CTO), BP (chief scientist), Petoro (CEO) and Saudi Aramco (manager, Southern area reservoir management) gave their views on how they see digital technology developing at the Intelligent Energy conference in Utrecht earlier this year
24 Aug 2012


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