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Malaysian Oil and Gas Services Council

The Malaysian Oil & Gas Services Council or MOGSC was formed on 1st December 2003, as an initiative to establish an association driven and promoted by the services sector of the Malaysian Oil & Gas Industry.

MOGSC is now the premier business forum representing the interests of Oil & Gas Service Providers and the membership of almost 400 companies represent all sectors within the industry.

MOGSC's key mission is to promote the capabilities of the Malaysian Service Providers and showcase Malaysia as the regional hub for the Oil & Gas Industry.

Hin Wong Lee - IO Working Group core team member
Hin Wong Lee works in Schlumberger Production Management as IO Lead and is a MOGSC IO Working Group Core Team Member
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Senior representative -

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Anwar Saidu Mohamed - EXCO member and Mentor for the Innovation Working Group
Started a complete well stimulation and oilfield performance chemical department from scratch. Learned what it takes to get from zero to some numbers...

Currently spearheading technology based organization with the aspiration to build local capability and competency to innovate and commercialize high end technology solutions to Oil and Gas marketplace.

Specialties: Production te
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Have sponsored the following events

Opportunities for data scientists and architects in oil and gas
How Malaysia is leading the way with data science and data architecture
10 Oct 2018

Maintaining high organisational performance in E&P with digital technology
How Malaysian oil and gas companies are leading the world in their use of digital technology
09 Oct 2018

Doing More With Offshore Engineering Data
Making Better Decisions About How To Operate The Field - By Gathering & Making Better Use Of Data
14 Oct 2014

Doing More With Subsurface Data
For People Who Have To Keep Subsurface Data Well Managed
13 Oct 2014

Doing more with offshore engineering data
How can we improve offshore asset management - by doing more with our data?
09 Oct 2013

Improving E&P (subsurface) data management
production data management - seismic data validation - data quality metrics -
08 Oct 2013

Making geoscience data and software work harder
Getting more from seismic, EM and wells data - what works and what doesn''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''t?
07 Oct 2013


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