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As a Geophysical services company we pride ourselves on being purveyors of practical innovation.

Founded in 2003, our seismic imaging firm in Houston, Texas pioneered the use of microseismic monitoring, to listen to the naturally occurring, low-energy seismic noise emitted from a reservoir during hydraulic fracturing stimulation. Such reservoir monitoring allows an operator to directly detect patterns of fluid movement, fracture development or compaction-which ultimately enables improved reservoir management.

Our surface and near-surface geophone arrays monitor microseismic events in real time, providing viable access to unconventional gas shale plays in ways that conventional monitoring methods cannot. Our mapping and analysis expertise allow us to take the raw microseismic data obtained from these arrays to produce real-time, 3-D structural imaging of reservoirs based on naturally occurring sound sources.

Our technology enables seismic exploration in places that are difficult to reach or environmentally sensitive, and is allowing unconventional gas shale plays to quickly become reliable, and economically attractive, sources of energy.

MicroSeismic Inc Latest News

Microseismic joins an alliance with Terra15
Microseismic joins an alliance with Terra15 for Turnkey Passive Seismic Monitoring using DAS
24 Aug 2023

MicroSeismic, EverAware and KIGAM collaborate to support CCUS NetZero Initiative
Agreement to expand the growth of surface and subsurface CCUS monitoring solutions for the CO2 industry and beyond
13 Jun 2023

MicroSeismic Inc. Partners with ShowMyWell
Together, their clients will be able to monitor/track at well sites in real-time throughout the lifespan of the project.
28 Mar 2023

MicroSeismic launches FracRx
MicroSeismic recently launched FracRx; the formalization of MicroSeismic's data analytics and synthesis platform, which integrates multi-physics data to derive a prescriptive solution for improved Well Economics, Maximized Drainage Volume, Optimized Completion and Risk Mitigation.
08 Nov 2019

MicroSeismic announces release of Real-Time Completions Evaluation
MicroSeismic, Inc. (MicroSeismic), the inventor and leading provider of surface microseismic monitoring announced the release of Real-Time Completions Evaluation - on-the-spot fracture modeling, dynamic SRV estimation, end of stage EUR and drainage estimation, and rapid stress analysis.
03 Nov 2017

MicroSeismic, Inc. announces release of PIndex, DIndex and Production Forecast
MicroSeismic, Inc. (MicroSeismic), the inventor and leader of surface microseismic monitoring, announced the release of PIndex, DIndex and Production Forecast - proprietary completions evaluation services to quantify and predict reservoir drainage and production.
12 Feb 2016

MicroSeismic Announces World's Longest-Installed Active BuriedArray
MicroSeismic, Inc. (MicroSeismic), the leader and inventor of surface microseismic monitoring, announced that it has achieved the longest-installed active, permanent, near-surface array in the world. This BuriedArray was installed to monitor completions in the Haynesville formation in Louisiana and includes 99 stations covering 15 square miles.
05 Feb 2016

Microseismic succeeds in predicting reservoir drainage and early production
MicroSeismic, Inc. (MicroSeismic) announced that field tests conducted this year for several key operators in North America have successfully calculated reservoir drainage volume and provided early estimates of production, enabled by the newest developments in MicroSeismic's PermIndex workflow.
01 Oct 2015

MicroSeismic announces AlertArray
MicroSeismic, Inc. (MicroSeismic) announced the release of its newest technology, AlertArrayTM, a real-time seismicity network which offers operators a single solution alternative to monitor seismicity during hydraulic fracturing and fluid injection operations.
14 May 2015

MicroSeismic assists major drilling operator in British Columbia
MicroSeismic, Inc. (MicroSeismic) has been engaged by a major drilling operator in British Columbia to help strengthen its Seismicity Monitoring (SM) program. Despite the fact that it is not mandated, the operator is proactively using MicroSeismic's SM system to monitor an injection well. This array is specifically designed for real-time event detection and SM applications.
20 Mar 2015

MicroSeismic Inc purchases Wireless Seismic system
MicroSeismic Inc, a Houston company which provides microseismic fracturing (fracking) monitoring services, has acquired a wireless seismic acquisition manufactured by Wireless Seismic Inc.
19 Oct 2012


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