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New Digital Business provides Petrotechnical Support (Applications and Data), Project Management and Consulting services which ensure the most effective use of your digital technology assets in finding and producing hydrocarbons.

Ed Evans - Co-Founder and Managing Director
Ed has over 20 years IT experience, most of it in oil and gas. Ed has expertise in project and service implementation and operation from project management to defining and implementing models for support of technical applications, data and systems.

In the last two years Ed has worked with BP, BG, ConocoPhillips, Encana and Tullow Oil on a number of key global programmes and projects.

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Jonathan Jenkins - Chief Operating Officer

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New Digital Business Latest News

What young professionals think
Oil and gas data consultancy NDB hosted round table forums of young professionals in Aberdeen and London, to find out their resilience and flexibility is helping them manage their career prospects during the downturn. By Ed Evans, managing director, NDB.
06 Jan 2017

Expert panel - What is happening to data management in the downturn?
Oil and gas data consultancy NDB put together a panel of experts in London to discuss what is currently going on with data management. In the downturn, does it become more important or less important?
13 Aug 2016

NDB - functional eExcellence depends on Technical Software
If you don't know what software is being used in each case for mapping, well correlation or geo-cellular modelling for example, you may not be in control of what is being done in the name of geology in your organisation, said Ed Evans of NDB
13 Aug 2015

Making data governance sustainable
Many oil companies find their data quality initiatives short lived or ineffective - soon after a clean-up project, the data quality starts to deteriorate. Ed Evans of NDB explained how to make the work sustainable
24 Jul 2014

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Improving E&P (subsurface) data management
production data management - seismic data validation - data quality metrics -
08 Oct 2013

Improving decision making with subsurface data
How can we make better decisions with subsurface data - with better analytics and data gathering?
19 Mar 2013


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