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Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) offers a broad range of products including; seismic and electromagnetic services, data acquisition, processing, reservoir analysis/interpretation and multi-client library data. They help oil companies to find oil and gas reserves worldwide, offshore and onshore.

Stephen Pharez - Technical Marketing, Petroleum Geo-Services

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Tom Ziegler - Vice President

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Eivind Fromyr -

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Chris Page -

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Kjell Johansen -

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Samir Seth - Vice President

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Eivind Fromyr, Cyrille Reiser and Stephen Pharez -

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Ron Borsato - Team Leader - Advisor Geophysics

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PGS Latest News

Marlink enables 250 Mbps uplink for geophysical company PGS
Marlink engineers achieve unprecedented technological feat to connect seismic survey vessel Ramform Hyperion for large scale data upload
15 Jan 2024

Developing seismic energy and emission reporting standard
Shearwater, PGS and DNV launched a new Joint Industry Projectto to define KPIs for energy and emission reporting for the Seismic sector.
22 Dec 2023

CGG, PGS and TGS launch new tiered offerings for Versal
CGG, PGS and TGS introduce new tiered offerings for Versal, the world's first multi-client data ecosystem
01 Aug 2023

CGG, PGS and TGS announce Schlumberger joining Versal
CGG, PGS and TGS announce that Schlumberger has become a part of Versal, increasing its coverage to the vast majority of the world's multi-client seismic data.
29 Aug 2022

PGS expands with purchase of second Cray XC supercomputer
At the 2016 Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) International Exposition in Dallas, Texas, global supercomputer leader Cray Inc. announced that PGS has significantly enhanced its supercomputing capabilities with the purchase of a new12-cabinet Cray XC supercomputer.
01 Nov 2016

Electromagnetics via towed streamer
Seismic company PGS has developed a technology for recording marine electromagnetic data with a streamer towed behind a vessel, writes Joshua May of PGS.
15 Jul 2016

PGS – working with broadband seismic
Seismic service company PGS is encouraging oil and gas companies to record seismic over a wide range of frequencies, or ‘broadband’, because it enables them to get a much better understanding of the subsurface
17 Jun 2016

Huge Mexico Seismic Acquisition Program from Spectrum / PGS /Schlumberger
A MOU has been executed for a cooperation agreement between Spectrum, PGS and Schlumberger in Mexico. The collaboration will acquire 80,000 - 100,000 km of modern, long-offset 2D data encompassing all the major hydrocarbon provinces offshore Mexico. This includes areas currently on offer for Mexico's Round 1 in the Perdido Fold Belt, Mexican Ridges Province, Campeche Deep Sea Basin and will also provide seamless coverage across the Yucatan Platform tying to Spectrum's Big Wave program in the eastern area of the US Gulf of Mexico.
02 Jul 2015

PGS acquires data successfully in challenging area
A new PGS MultiClient survey of a 13,000 line km in the frontier area offshore East Coast South Africa is making excellent progress.
26 Mar 2014

PGS names its second Ramform Titan-class vessel
The second vessel in the Ramform Titan class, the Ramform Atlas was celebrated in a naming ceremony in Nagasaki, Japan today.
30 Jan 2014

EMGS announce patent infringement claims against PGS in UK, Ireland and Norway
Electromagnetic Geoservices ASA («EMGS») has issued Claims against each of (i) Petroleum Geo-Services ASA, (ii) PGS Exploration (UK) Limited and (iii) PGS Geophysical AS (together "PGS") in the High Court of Justice, Patent Court, London, UK.
19 Dec 2013

Petroleum Geo-Services ASA : PGS announces new survey in Gulf of Mexico
Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) announces the TRITON GeoStreamer Full Azimuth survey, a new solution to complex imaging problems in the deep-water Gulf of Mexico. PGS offer this survey as the next important advance in tailored acquisition design and state-of-the-art depth imaging which are critical to successful exploration in the deep-water Gulf of Mexico.
21 Nov 2013


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