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Based in Houston, Texas, PIDX International is a trusted professional organization comprised of Energy Industry leaders dedicated to working together to standardize data exchange for digital business. PIDX has developed global standards by and for all participants in the Energy Industry. With a strong antitrust framework at its foundation, PIDX provides a trusted and proven environment for operators, suppliers, and network providers to communicate, collaborate, and transform. PIDX spans the entire industry, from well to filling station.

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Daryl Fullerton - Chair of Supplier KPI Workgroup
Daryl has been working within the Oil & Gas Industry for the last 12 years. His area of specialism is Supply Chain Management Solutions including Supplier Performance Management Systems, Supplier Risk Management, HSE Performance Management and Drilling Performance Management. Clients he has worked for include BP, BG-Group, , ConocoPhillips, Chevron, Noble Energy, Origin Energy, Oxy, Respol, S
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Tom Cave - European Events Manager
Tom Cave has been involved in the management of multi-million dollar international projects since 1984, initially this was in the aerospace industry, but for the last sixteen years he has specialized in the Oil & Energy market. Tom is one of a number of volunteers from industry who give their time to PIDX International to help create and promote open standards to improve e-commerce.

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PIDX International Latest News

Updating PIDX code numbers
PIDX keeps a record of petroleum product code numbers which the oil and gas industry can use. Doc Studio and DTN developed an online tool which makes it easy for people to add new numbers to the list
03 Oct 2023

PIDX International Releases Unit of Measure Scheme Guideline Standard
PIDX International announces its new Support for UOM Scheme Guidelines which was created to enable support for PIDX trading partners looking to identify the unit of measure (UOM) used in price sheets, invoices, and transaction documents. A key feature of the scheme is its backward compatibility, which allows trading partners to maintain support for the UOM Scheme while minimizing changes.
02 Jun 2022

PIDX International announces formation of Standards Adoption Council
PIDX International has announced the formation of the Standards Adoption Council: an initiative to design and develop strong, effective adoption strategies at the time that a standards project is proposed.
07 Oct 2021

The PIDX International ETDX initiative moves Scope 3 emissions reporting forward
PIDX International, a professional standards organization comprised of Energy Industry leaders, announced that its emissions transparency data exchange (ETDX) Project Team is moving forward with Scope 3 emissions reporting.
23 Jul 2021

Open Footprint Forum & PIDX ETDX collaborate to standardize emissions reporting
PIDX International, a professional standards organization dedicated to advancing data exchange and digital business in the Energy Industry, announced that its Emissions Transparency Data Exchange Project Team (ETDX) is collaborating with The Open Group Open Footprint Forum.
31 Mar 2021

PIDX goals - transition, modernisation, adoption
The goals for oil and gas e-commerce standards association PIDX, over the next 5 years, are around the energy transition, modernisation of the standards, and encouraging adoption, say board members Chris Welsh and Amit Sethi.
18 Mar 2021

PIDX International releases revision to Price Sheet schema
PIDX International announced that it published a revision to its PriceSheet schema (PriceSheet.XSD). Originally published in 2014, the new 2020 revision is available royalty-free here.
07 May 2020

PIDX International welcomes new member Conexiom
PIDX International, a professional standards organization dedicated to advancing data exchange in the Energy Industry, announced that Conexiom has joined the organization.
11 Feb 2020

ChaiOne joins PIDX International
PIDX International announced that ChaiOne has joined the organization as a member.
11 Feb 2020

PIDX International releases Field Ticket Business Process Guideline standard
The Petroleum Industry Data Exchange, Inc. (PIDX International) announced that it has published the Field Ticket Business Process Guideline standard which will significantly reduce delays and backlog for field ticket transactions.
06 Jan 2020

PIDX International releases Supply Notification standard
The Petroleum Industry Data Exchange, Inc. (PIDX) recently released the Supply Notification standard, available royalty-free at .
23 Jul 2019

PIDX names Stephanie Waters as new President
Petroleum Industry Data Exchange, Inc. (PIDX), the global nonprofit organization that facilitates the development of eBusiness standards within the oil and gas industry, has announced that Stephanie Waters of Chevron has been appointed President.
19 Mar 2019

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