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Petrolink is a user-driven technology company that is focused and committed to finding new ways to increase efficiency and productivity for oil and gas companies around the globe.

We bring together advanced wellsite data management, real-time data solutions, engineering analytics and drilling optimization services to help customers achieve maximum value. Through user-led installations and management of the overall infrastructure, we enable customers to be part of the solution and use their data in a variety of innovative ways, including advanced analytics and AI and feeding quality information into in-house processes.

Our services and solutions combine domain expertise, best practices, secure workflows, innovative technologies, and the highest levels of service and technical support to deliver increased oilfield efficiency through lower finding and producing costs and maximized reserve recovery. With clients in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, we offer unmatched security and an independent, neutral link across disciplines, data sources and activities. To help us stay at the forefront of technology, we employ and invest in the best people from across the world and deliver our services wherever they are needed.

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Jon Curtis - president
Jonathan Curtis has a Masters Degree from Oxford University

Having worked for wireline logging companies in the early part of his career he went on in 1990 to establish Petrolink

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Nick Baker - Marketing Director

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Michal Kanda - Sales Manager

August 2011 – present European Sales and Marketing Manager Petrolink
• Providing Web based data solutions and services to the oil and gas exploration and production sector.
• Management of Real Time and Static File data & distribution for super-major, independent and small operators in Europe.
• Real-Time system administration, WITSML Data Control, Client/Contractor Support, Raw d
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Adi Iswanto - Indonesian country manager

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Petrolink International Latest News

Petrolink completes move to new offices
Petrolink announced that they have completed the move to its new offices at 11451 Katy Freeway, Suite 320, Houston, Texas 77079.
08 Sep 2020

Petrolink launches Manage By Exception system
Petrolink has announced the launch of its Manage By Exception (MBE) system, a software solution designed to help drillers manage the high volume of alerts generated during drilling by prioritizing them, thus enabling drillers to raise only the priority ones to exactly the right person at the right time.
20 Feb 2019

Petrolink/Tanajib and Saudi Aramco announce one year contract extension
Petrolink International announced that Saudi Aramco has awarded an additional one year contract extension to its agent Tanajib to provide the customized Real-Time Data Transfer and Visualization Solution known as AramcoLink for its entire fleet of rigs.
09 Jan 2018

Petrolink/Tanajib and Saudi Aramco announce three year contract
Petrolink and partner Tanajib to use WITSML data exchange standards to provide real-time data services to Saudi Aramco.
13 Sep 2013

Petrolink; integrating drilling data from the rig
Aggregating drilling data on the rig from different sources and sending it home from a rig is not an easy task, says Adi Iswanto, Indonesian country manager, Petrolink International
02 May 2013

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