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Reveal Energy Services offers simple, accurate, and affordable pressure-based fracture maps that validate the completion design on every well with minimum operational risk and cost. The flagship IMAGE Frac pressure-based fracture maps with five services offer unparalleled diagnostic insight into completion design effectiveness and well-spacing decisions. Reveal Energy Services was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of Equinor Technology Ventures in January 2016. The company, which is privately held, is funded by Equinor and Lime Rock Partners. Reveal Energy Services with corporate headquarters in Houston has regional offices in Midland, Pittsburgh, and Calgary. For more information, please visit:

Reveal Energy Services Latest News

Reveal Energy Services signs to commercialize hydraulic fracture diagnostics
Reveal Energy Services announced that they have entered into a technology licensing and development agreement to commercialize ConocoPhillips' patented poroelastic response measurement [PRM] technology, and the companies will perform joint research and development in the PRM technology space.
15 Jul 2021

Reveal Energy Services commercializes DSCVRi engine
Reveal Energy Services announced the commercialization of the DSCVR i cloud-based completion evaluation engine to support the industry's age of fiscal discipline.
03 Sep 2019

Reveal Energy Services enhances IMAGE Frac technology for large operations
Reveal Energy Services announced the company is enhancing IMAGE Fracpressure-based fracture maps with a new platform that uses parallel processing with rigorous algorithms to determine fracture geometry for large, complex pad operations in multiple zones.
09 Aug 2018

Reveal Energy Services signs first operator volume agreement
Arsenal Resources to validate completions with pressure-based fracture maps.
06 Jul 2018

Analysing fracs using a surface pressure gauge and bridge plug
Reveal Energy Services, a Houston company spun out from Statoil, has developed pressure-based fracture map technology to evaluate the frac half-length, height, and asymmetry. The technology is based on a pressure gauge and a bridge plug on a monitor well, and some clever data analytics.
11 May 2018

Reveal Energy Services validates more than 2,500 hydraulic fracturing stages
Reveal Energy Services announced the company has validated more than 2,500 hydraulic fracturing stages throughout the US with its simple, accurate, affordable pressure-based fracture maps.
15 Feb 2018

RevealEnergyServices delivers 1st near real-time DiverterSCAN technology results
Reveal Energy Services announced the company has produced and delivered the first near real-time DiverterSCAN technology results, which allowed an operator to identify a diversion design that enhances hydraulic fracturing fluid distribution.
09 Jan 2018


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