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STRYDE's mission is to make high density seismic affordable to any industry.
STRYDE's customers benefit from a substantially reduced environmental footprint, reduced HSE risk, faster surveys and significant operational efficiencies. Put simply, STRYDE's products save customers money and time while enabling them to deliver the best quality seismic data.

STRYDE technology has been used for oil and gas exploration, geothermal, mining, assessing seismic risk and even for archaeology. This diverse range of operating environments demonstrates the versatility of the STRYDE system, which can scale to meet any end user requirement on any land terrain.

With over 170,000 STRYDE NodesTM deployed or purchased globally, STRYDE is helping customers around the globe to acquire an unparalleled understanding of the subsurface.

To find out more about STRYDE and the game changing STRYDE NodeTM please visit or email

STRYDE Latest News

Georozvidka of Ukraine buys 25,000 STRYDE land seismic nodes
The technology will be used for multiple 2D and 3D seismic surveys in Ukraine, supporting national and global energy security through the enablement of new oil and gas exploration projects.
06 Mar 2024

STRYDE partners with elite academics to advance science
STRYDE has secured contracts with several educational institutes in support of their research to drive a responsible and sustainable future. Some of these world-renowned academic institutes include the University of Oxford and Newcastle University in the UK, Virginia Tech in the US, and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudia Arabia.
11 Sep 2023

STRYDE launches integrated in-field data processing service for faster decisions
The solution operates in harmony with STRYDE's seismic recording devices and data acquisition system and works for the vast majority of seismic acquisition projects.
28 Aug 2023

Geopartner Geofizyka chooses STRYDE for EU O&G seismic surveys
STRYDE technology chosen by Geopartner Geofizyka for one of the largest onshore EU O&G seismic surveys in recent years
07 Jun 2023

Million-dollar seismic technology deal for Nigeria O&G onshore exploration
STRYDE has been awarded a contract in Nigeria for the supply of their seismic receiver nodes and 'Nimble' node receiver system.
17 May 2023

STRYDE enables 10 new geothermal seismic surveys with recent contract wins.
The global contracts, acquired by STRYDE, will see the company's technology deployed across the USA, Middle East, and Europe.
06 Apr 2023

STRYDE – contracts for land seismic data processing
STRYDE has secured eight new contracts in the US, Canada, the UK, the Middle East and Africa.
22 Dec 2022

STRYDE grows fast-track seismic data processing service with eight new contracts
The fast-track service offered by STRYDE will deliver final processed images in under three months, typically up to 3 times faster than conventional approaches.
27 Sep 2022

STRYDE signs seven-figure deal with Polaris Natural Resources at IMAGE ‘22
STRYDE, has signed a new contract with Polaris Natural Resources following its successful use of the STRYDE nodal system
31 Aug 2022

STRYDE,Projeo, Explor join forces to deliver seismic for CCUS CarbonSAFE project
Explor is deploying over 20,000 STRYDE Nodes to enable high-density 3D imaging for a CCUS project in Gibson City, Illinois, USA for Projeo Corporation. The US Department of Energy funded CarbonSAFE project is being led by the Illinois State Geological Survey at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Affordable, small, and lightweight Nodal seismic technology together with Explor's IntelliSeis methodology transforms the economics of CCUS project development and operation.
21 Apr 2022

STRYDE breaks records for land seismic acquisition
STRYDE, a pioneering seismic technology provider, is growing revenue by more than 1000% in 2021, powered by increasing demand for high-quality, low impact - yet affordable - seismic acquisition.
16 Dec 2021

STRYDE and REALTIMESEISMIC unlock 3D seismic acquisition for geothermal market
Geothermal industry no longer constrained by cost of seismic acquisition - partnership allows for new seismic opportunities in under-served industry.
02 Jul 2021


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