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Sercel designs and manufactures high-tech solutions for subsurface exploration. Capitalizing on its world-leading position in the seismic acquisition industry, Sercel also provides innovative solutions for structural monitoring, defense and underwater acoustics applications. Headquartered in Nantes (France), Sercel operates worldwide and employs more than 1,500 people.

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Denis Mougenot - Chief Geophysicist
Denis Mougenot has been Sercel’s Chief Geophysicist since 2002, when he moved from Saudi Arabia to France. He is responsible for promoting new acquisition systems for high-productivity Vibroseis and high-density 3D surveys. Denis has a special interest in low-frequency recording and 3C MEMS accelerometers.

Prior to joining Sercel, he was Area Geophysicist for ARGAS, working for the Geophy
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Sercel Latest News

Sercel sells 20,000 WiNG seismic nodes in North America
Sercel sells 20,000 WiNG seismic acquisition channels to MKS Consulting Ltd
12 Apr 2023

Sinopec affirms its confidence in Sercel with additional 508XT contract award
Sercel delivers additional land seismic equipment to Sinopec for a 3D survey to be conducted in China this winter.
07 Feb 2023

Sercel-GRC launches school of gauges training courses
Sercel-GRC has launched School of Gauges Training Courses for electric submersible pump or permanent downhole gauge monitoring to educate on the use of Sercel-GRC downhole monitoring systems.
18 Jan 2023

Sercel makes another major sale of 508XT in North Africa
The new equipment will join an existing installed base of two 508XT systems and a fleet of Nomad 90 Neo vibrators to equip major projects in the same area.
28 Nov 2022

Sercel completes the acquisition of ION’s software business
CGG's Sensing & Monitoring division Sercel, has completed the acquisition of ION Geophysical Corporation's software business.
12 Sep 2022

Sercel makes another major sale of its nodal OBN solution
Sercel has sold a second batch nodes to BGP Inc. which represents a significant increase in the seismic survey equipment currently being deployed on a project in the Middle East.
29 Aug 2022

Sercel selected for acquisition of ION software business
Sercel, Sensing & Monitoring division of CGG, was selected as the successful bidder for the acquisition of ION Geophysical Corporation.
04 Jul 2022

Sercel and Kappa Offshore Solutions jointly launch PIKSEL
A new high-resolution 3D marine seismic solution for renewable energy applications.
18 Mar 2021

Sercel equips 3D mega-crew seismic survey in North Africa
Sercel is pleased to announce that its high-performance equipment is currently being deployed on another 3D mega-crew survey, this time by a major North African geophysical company.
18 Mar 2021

Sercel strengthens position of its 508XT land seismic acquisition system
Sercel has significantly increased the market position of its 508XT land seismic acquisition system in India.
18 Feb 2021

Sercel sells WiNG land nodal acquisition system to Paragon Geophysical Services
Sercel has announced the sale and delivery of a WiNG wireless land nodal seismic acquisition system to Paragon Geophysical Services, Inc.
03 Dec 2020

Sercel delivers first WiNG nodal acquisition system, to TPIC in Turkey
Sercel announced that it has completed its first delivery of WiNG, its next-generation wireless land nodal acquisition system.
08 Sep 2020

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