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Business opportunities with subsurface data

Keith R Holdaway
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Richard Cooper
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Hallam Conference Centre

Bringing together the realms of geophysics, reservoir engineering with IT, to work out new ways people can improve production
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There have been many oil and gas industry conferences about geophysics, and many conferences about IT - but none so farwhich have tried to bring both realms together.

But I think you will all agree that getting the most out of subsurface data means a high level of both geophysics and IT together - and this is what we will try to explore in this conference.

So - an ambitious objective, but without an ambitious objective we won't achieve anything new!

Topics covered include statistical analysis techniques, as used by Total, Shell and Conoco Phillips, which can identify new patterns and learn which variables are most important to keep an eye on; strategies for managing your IT and subsurface applications portfolio; and working out which data management methods can do the most to help an oil company work out how to improve production.

The event will cover making it easier to move reservoir data from one software package to another; ways to integrate well, seismic and CSEM data; making seismic data easier to work with; how to use analysis of drill cuttings to help get more understanding of your subsurface data; new ways to work with rock physics.

This is the first of our series of four digital oilfield conferences this year.

The event features speakers from BP, Teradata, SAS, Rock Solid Images, Dynamic Graphics and New Digital Business.

Registration for this one day event is just GBP 300. Scroll down to see the full agenda.

Companies sending delegates include SASOL, Oracle, EOG Resources, Perenco, Landmark, Kongsberg, Centrica, BP, RPS Energy

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9:30 Alan Smith - Principal consultant
Luchelan Ltd
Chairman's introduction

Alan is a former Principal consultant, Energy Department, Prime Minister's Office, Brunei Darussalam and a principal consultant, Shell. He works as an interim manager at CIO level specialising in strategy development and planning in the oil and gas E&P industry. Experience includes Data Management, Information Management, Knowledge Management, Business process analysis, system selection and implementation management, project and programme management.

Specialties: Expert knowledge of E&P industry systems and processes, Interim management roles undertaken as IS Manager / Departmental CIO in E&P organisations

Luchelan Ltd
Interim manager at CIO level specialising in strategy development and planning in the oil and gas E&P industry. Experience includes Data Management, Information Management, Knowledge Management, Business process analysis, system selection and implementation
9:35 Robert Winsloe - President
Digital Earth
Increasing production in Marcellus and Bakken Shale

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Talk Description.
Case study: work with Platte River Associates to make better use of subsurface data, IT and geophysical techniques to identifying techniques for increasing production in the Marcellus and Bakken Shale plays in North America

Robert Winsloe is former managing director – International and Senior VP Worldwide sales and marketing for IHS Energy (seven years), four years at Halliburton, seven years at Schlumberger, and seven years at IBM

Digital Earth
Digital Earth is building a global data repository where oil and gas professionals can search for energy information, suppliers and people.

In the process, Digital Earth is creating not just a search tool, but a transparent marketplace for all stakeholders - host countries, service providers, and oil & gas companies - that will continue to build over time.

You can access this free public search service at Search4Oil

Digital Earth is also deploying the technology behind this search platform to help leading companies improve their own data quality, websites, and enterprise search capabilities.
10:05 Tony Fitzpatrick, - simulation gridding architect
An Overview of RESQML™, the Reservoir and Earth Modeling Data Exchange Standard

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Talk Description.
Overview of the RESQML Special Interest Group
RESQML Document
Grid Description
Property Representation
HDF5 Performance

Schlumberger (SLB: NYSE) is a technology company that partners with customers to access energy. Our people, representing over 160 nationalities, are providing leading digital solutions and deploying innovative technologies to enable performance and sustainability for the global energy industry. With expertise in more than 120 countries, we collaborate to create technology that unlocks access to energy for the benefit of all.

Find out more at

10:35 Keith R Holdaway - Upstream Domain
SAS Global Oil and Gas
Statistical analysis of data streams in real time - as used by oil majors on their reservoirs

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Talk Description.
Using statistical analysis to determine more efficient and accurate exploitation strategies for your reservoirs, as used by Shell, Total and ConocoPhillips

Aggregating and integrating data from a multitude of sources, performing robust quality control, correlating data and discovering patterns

Creating an analytical framework - an exploratory data analysis step for reservoir characterisation, determination of key production indicators, using multivariate methodologies to classify wells.

Mr Holdaway is author of "Harness Oil and Gas Big Data with Analytics: Optimize Exploration and Production with Data Driven Models" published by Wiley in July 2014. He worked for several geophysical companies in his 15 year career, primarily at Petroleum Development of Oman as a geophysicist. He has worked over the past 15 years for SAS Institute to help harness SAS analytics to geophysical, geologic and reservoir engineering data to ascertain exploratory data analysis and appropriate modeling approaches to enable more robust forecasting and identify new field-reengineering strategies in mature assets. He has a Masters Degree in Geophysics from Durham University UK. He is a Fellow of the Geological Society in London.

SAS Global Oil and Gas
SAS provides solutions that enable the O&G industry to transform masses of data about your sub-surface, operations, reservoirs, fields, other assets, suppliers, contractors, risks, costs and profitability into strategic business intelligence—the fuel for competitive advantage.
11:05 Morning coffee
11:35 Duncan Irving - Oil and Gas Practice Lead (EMEA/APJ)
Making subsurface data storage and computing fit for purpose

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Talk Description.
- Achieving a data management infrastructure which is fit for purpose - able to handle >10Pb data volumes, millisecond level well data samples, decade long data storage, multiple users with different agendas and applications, in a secure and robust framework

- Avoiding data being compartmentalised by discipline, culture and geography - making data task, function and application agnostic

- Removing need for fixes and workarounds in the presentation layer

- Learning from other industries with massive data sets continually changing - banks, retailers, telecommunications companies, internet search

- Linking high performance computing systems into the IT infrastructure
Duncan Irving is the Teradata Industry Consultant for Oil & Gas in EMEA. Duncan joined Teradata from the University of Manchester where he instructed in geophysical interpretation and geocomputational methods for the last seven years. He was involved in consulting and research projects involving user interactions with massive subsurface datasets and more general upstream data management, and he continues to maintain research links as an honorary lecturer. One long term project was with Teradata and he drove the development of Teradata's capabilities in the Upstream Oil and Gas area. This time provided him with a deep understanding of the capabilities of Teradata and how they can best be used in the petroleum industry.
He is a geophysicist and also has a PhD in glacial geophysics and geotechnical engineering (why frozen ground moves faster during climate warming and how this affects infrastructure). Duncan lives in the hills outside Manchester with his wife and three children. He is a mountaineer, fell runner and is a card-carrying member of the CAMpaign for Real Ale.

Teradata helps companies get more value from data than any other company. Our big data analytics solutions and team of experts can help your company gain a sustainable competitive advantage with data. Teradata helps organizations leverage all of their data so they can know more about their business and do more of what's really important. With more than 10,000 professionals in 43 countries, Teradata serves top companies across oil and gas, utilities, automotive, financial services, healthcare, communication, sconsumer goods, and more. A future-focused company, Teradata is recognized by industry analysts for technological excellence, sustainability, ethics, and business value. Visit
12:05 Richard Cooper - CEO
Rock Solid Images
Integrating seismic, well and CSEM data

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Talk Description.
An integrated framework for seismic, controlled source electromagnetic (CSEM) and magnetotelluric (MT) data.

Benefits of using seismic, CSEM and MT data together (different systems illuminate different properties)

Adding microseismic, gravity, VSP and LWD data.
Richard is a graduate from the University of Liverpool in UK with an honours degree in geophysics. He joined Digicon (which became Veritas and now CGGVeritas) in 1979 and held a variety of positions in data-processing, research, marketing and management in UK, Australia, Singapore and US. He joined CogniSeis Development in 1993 and spent two years as managing director of the EAME division, before returning to Houston as CogniSeis President and COO. Following the sale of CogniSeis to Paradigm, Richard founded Rock Solid Images in 1998 and served as CEO and director until the sale of Rock Solid Images to Offshore Hydrocarbon Mapping plc in 2007 (now renamed Rock Solid Images plc). Richard is based in Houston, Texas.

Rock Solid Images
RSI is a UK public company providing high-end geophysical consultancy products and services to the upstream oil and gas industry: we help our customers drill better wells.

We are an industry leader in the interpretation and integration of seismic data with well-log, CSEM, and MT data.

We use advanced rock-physics methods combined with sophisticated geologic models to deliver robust and reliable predictions of reservoir geometries and properties to our customers."
12:35 Multiple -
Panel Discussion
Which subsurface data management strategies are most likely to help increase production?

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Used for panel discussions

Panel Discussion
This is part of our agenda where Finding Petroleum has a panel discussion.
12:45 Lunch
13:30 Jane Wheelwright - Technical Application Specialist
Dynamic Graphics
Integrating subsurface data stored in different packages

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Talk Description.
- Method of integrating subsurface data stored in different software packages

- How integrating data from different applications helps with reservoir management and optimised decision making

- Dynamic Graphics' geo referenced, vendor neutral 4D environment which can simultaneously display time-lapse seismic volumes and attributes, geologic models, well data, instantaneous and cumulative production data, reservoir properties, 4D reservoir simulations, drilling hazards

- How to load, update, query and analyse data
Dynamic Graphics, Inc. partners with clients to solve spatial analysis problems in the petroleum, environmental, and earth-related sciences. Over the past four decades, we have been the premier provider of geospatial solutions with our innovative, easy-to-use software and outstanding support services.
14:00 Ed Evans - Co-Founder and Managing Director
New Digital Business
Controlling the applications portfolio - creating a beachhead for IM strategy

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Talk Description.
Developing a strategy for your g+g software applications

Avoiding the support demands associated with large numbers of software applications

Define one element of the ‘stack’ and bring it under control, to create a focal point for all information management, business process, training and support

How to respond when people say there isn't a problem

NDBs experience helping oil and gas companies develop a strategy to manage their software applications

How to know when you've got it right
Ed has over 20 years IT experience, most of it in oil and gas. Ed has expertise in project and service implementation and operation from project management to defining and implementing models for support of technical applications, data and systems.

In the last two years Ed has worked with BP, BG, ConocoPhillips, Encana and Tullow Oil on a number of key global programmes and projects.

Ed's experience comes from managing consulting service delivery at Landmark Graphics for clients in Europe, for BP Globally and as services director for Landmark in Latin America. In addition to consulting services delivery Ed was accountable for the software support help desk and for the national data bank for Brazil.

Before joining Landmark, Ed was the manager of technical systems for BG-Group after joining BG as a software programmer and IT project manager. Ed has formal training and qualifications in computer systems analysis and a degree in Geology. Ed spent three years working as a well site engineer in the Middle East and Italy.

New Digital Business
New Digital Business provides Petrotechnical Support (Applications and Data), Project Management and Consulting services which ensure the most effective use of your digital technology assets in finding and producing hydrocarbons.
14:30 Jill Lewis - Managing director
Troika International and Society of Exploration Geophysicists
New position standards from seismic surveys - and how it helps you make your seismic data work harder

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Jill Lewis is Managing Director and CEO of Troika International Ltd, a company which provides a range of Data Management software tools, training and consultancy. Troika has offices in Tunbridge Wells, Aberdeen and Houston and supplies the tools for tape and format input to many systems. Amongest the Troika clients are more than 15 direct or indirect National Oil Companies and National Data Repositories who use Troika tools for the QC, ingestion and distriubtion of data.

Jill is also extremely involved in the SEG standards having led the team tht bought about the ratification of SEGY Rev 1.0, SEGD 2.1 and SEGD 3.0 all of which are now in use. Currently serving on the SEG Technical Standards sub-comittee for SEGY2 which is currently under review.

Most recently Jill has taken on the role of liaison between the SEG, Energistics and OGP to draw up a document to provide advice of where and when formats should be used and for which disciplines. This initiative has now grown into the Energistics hosted Standards Leadership Council which includes 10 standards bodies harmonising the use of common standards.

Troika International and Society of Exploration Geophysicists
Troika International was established to provide truly independent consultancy services to companies wishing to investigate the potential options for changes to the management of their existing and future oil related data.

The extensive knowledge of the principals of the company is supplemented by strategic alliances with other specialist companies, organisations and individuals. As such we are able to offer a full range of consultancy services to aid companies with regard to evaluation of their own libraries, internal infrastructure and re-evaluation of their overall data management needs.

Our range of consultants cover all areas of exploration and production related data from acquisition, for land and marine, of both seismic and positioning data through processing to final archive data types and formats.
15:00 Dr Alex Mock - Senior Geologist - Technical Services
Numerical Rocks
Integrating drill cuttings analysis with subsurface data

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Talk Description.
- Short introduction to pore scale modeling is all about
- Versatility of the technology when it comes to ample material, (e.g. drill cuttings)
- What reservoir parameters we are able to calculate from the digital rock models we produce.
- Case stories
Numerical Rocks was established in December 2004 as an innovation spin-off via Statoil ASA. Initially comprising of two ex-Statoil employees, the company now employs 26 full time staff in Trondheim.

Numerical Rocks is a ‘daughter-company’ to Statoil who continue to own the majority of shares with the founders and employees owning the rest.

The technology was originally started in 1997 at Statoil’s R&D centre at Rotvoll, Trondheim and following the spin-off, Numerical Rocks have continued the product R&D work and are working towards a launch of the first commercial version of the e-Core software package, V 2.0.

Today e-Core software is currently being used and tested at client sites in the US, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany and the Middle East.
15:30 Multiple -
Panel Discussion
Which methods will contribute most to increasing production?

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Used for panel discussions

Panel Discussion
This is part of our agenda where Finding Petroleum has a panel discussion.
15:45 Drinks reception and coffee
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