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IT infrastructure for the digital oilfield

Keeping your IT infrastructure risk and hassle free
Peter Black
» Managing director
» EnergySys
David Reed
» Real-Time Drilling Solution Lead - Drilling, Completions and Wells (DC&W) Practice
» Wipro Limited

Thursday, June 7, 2012
Aberdeen Marriott Hotel

Attend this event to learn about the latest ideas and technology you can use to keep your IT infrastructure risk and hassle free, and keep users happy.

This conference will cover the latest ideas for getting the most out of cloud systems to keep work off your desk but not get any surprises.

You'll learn some of the latest ideas to keep data moving quickly over satellite communications, so people can log in to software from offshore, reducing hassle.

You'll learn some of the best ways to integrate tablet computers into your IT infrastructure, meeting user demands without compromising security and control.

No attendance fee - limited places - register now to secure yours!

According to a recent Microsoft / Accenture survey 36 per cent of oil and gas managers, engineers and IT managers have plans to use cloud services, and 23 per cent are already using them, and 45 per cent of respondents thought that all company users, including management, engineers and operators, should be able to access KPIs and common information via mobile devices.

Speakers include

David Ellison, director of London oil and gas IT consultancy ISN Solutions, whose clients include Tullow, Afren and Premier Oil, 3 of the 4 largest independent oil and gas companies in the UK

Sam Murray, business development executive with Hermes Data Communications, a company which provides satellite and data communications services to Maersk, Parker Drilling, PSN, KBR, BP, Eni, Fluor and Petronas, with over 120 employees and earth stations in Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and UAE, among other places

Peter Black, managing director of EnergySys, a UK company which provides a cloud based system for managing production data, with clients including the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline. Customers include Midenergy Operating (Texas), Atlantic LNG (Trinidad and Tobago), Apache North Sea, and Ithaca Energy

Terry Price, associate partner with IBM, speaking about faciliting improved decision making using probabilities

Chaired by Julian Pickering, director of Digital Oilfield Solutions and a past Head of Digital Technology for Global Drilling and Completions at BP, and BP's Head of the Field of the Future Facilities Programme.


9:00 Arrivals and Registration
9:30 Julian Pickering - Director
Digital Oilfield Solutions Ltd
Chairman's introduction

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Dr Julian Pickering has a degree in Applied Physics from Brunel University, London and a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Cambridge University, where he was a BP scholar. He has worked for BP for 32 years and has held major posts including the Head of Digital Technology for Global Drilling and Completions and the Head of the Field of the Future Facilities Programme. He left BP in March 2010 and set up his own company, Digital Oilfield Solutions, with partners in the United States of America. He has provided consultancy services to many large Oil and Gas companies and is a consultant to the Energistics Data Standards Organisation.

Digital Oilfield Solutions Ltd
Digital Oilfield Solutions is a partnership between the UK company Digital Oilfield Solutions Ltd and the US company Digital Oilfield Solutions Inc. Through its extended network of Independent Delivery Partners it can service projects on a global basis.

Digital Oilfield Solutions is a member of Energistics (Dr Julian Pickering chaired the WITSML Executive Team in 2009 and remains a team member). The promotion of WITSML and PRODML and the quantification of associated business benefits are key objectives of their delivery.
9:40 David Ellison - director
ISN Solutions
Delivering Field Site IT - from today's challenges to tomorrow's potential.

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Talk Description.
Thin client over satellite, wireless networking, real time video are some of the ways we are solving today's IT infrastructure issues but what lies ahead for IT and comms at the end of the decade? ...or at the end of the century?

Numerous challenges are shaping the way IT is being delivered to offshore drilling projects. ISN discuss the current state of play in the digital oilfield and offer some ideas for how things might look in the future, covering how we have overcome some of the demands E&P companies are facing in delivering applications to field sites, exploring evolving use of thin client over satellite, wireless networking, real time video and suggesting how emerging technology might transform the well site as a workplace.

Our unique field site experience means that we understand only too well the impact of IT issues faced at a well-site and how to minimise risks while delivering essential applications and services anywhere in the world.
David has been helping companies in the UK oil industry develop innovative IT strategies for the last 15 years at ISN and at Enterprise Oil before that, building upon an IT consultancy background at Flemings, NatWest and Fortis. His diverse IT background includes service delivery, project management, technical lead on desktop, server and network systems. David's main motivation is finding solutions, not necessarily technical ones, that provide clear business benefits to ISN's clients.

ISN Solutions
ISN Solutions provides IT solutions and services exclusively to the upstream oil and gas industry. Owned and operated by three former oil company IT consultants our business is built on unrivalled international field experience, critical to making IT work in the most hostile environments. Whether a start-up or industry leader we help centralise IT, enabling the digital oil field through the delivery of familiar, responsive and consistent IT services regardless of geographic location.
10:10 Sam Murray - Business Development Executive
Hermes Data communications
Case study: VSAT oil and gas project in Iraq

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Talk Description.
- Case study - VSAT oil and gas project in Iraq
- Delivery of satellite communications problems in harsh and remote environments
- Risks, project support, network design

Sam Murray will be speaking on the delivery of projects in harsh and remote environments and will cover topics such as the risks, project support, network design and future offerings and will also include a case study on a VSAT project in Iraq.
Sam Murray has over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, particularly focused on the oil and gas industry.
Having been born and raised in Aberdeen, Sam has seen the area’s exploration and production activities grow from its pioneering days to the global centre of excellence we see today.
He has held both technical and sales roles within BT and its joint venture partnership with AT&T - Concert, Marconi International Marine, Invsat, Nessco and Arqiva, recently joining Hermes Datacomms to support their Aberdeen based clients and to develop new business in the region.
During his career, Sam has account managed many of the world’s leading integrated oil companies on a global basis.
Sam holds Full City & Guilds Telecommunications Certifications and a Bachelor of Arts degree in World Class Sales Management from Leeds Metropolitan University.

Hermes Data communications
Hermes Datacomms, a company which provides satellite and data communications services specifically to the Oil & Gas sector with customers including Maersk, Parker Drilling, PSN, KBR, BP, Eni, Fluor and Petronas. With over 150 employees and earth stations in Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and UAE (amongst other locations), Hermes enables reach and rapid deployment to meet the rigours of the industry.
10:40 Terry Price - Associate Partner | Global Chemicals & Petroleum Upstream
Knowledge Automation - Decision Making Based on Probability Factors

Talk Description.
Analytics (Historical and Predictive)
Optimisation (production and Information)
Knowledge Automation - Decision Making Based on Probability Factors
IBM is a globally integrated enterprise operating in over 170 countries. Today IBM UK has around 20,000 employees, bringing innovative solutions to a diverse client base to help solve some of their toughest business challenges. In addition to being the world''s largest IT and consulting services company, IBM is a global business and technology leader, innovating in research and development to shape the future of society at large. IBM''s prized research, development and technical talent around the world partner with governments, corporations, thinkers and doers on ground breaking real world problems to help make the world work better and build a smarter planet.
11:10 Break
11:40 Peter Black - Managing director
Enabling business agility with production allocation in the cloud

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Talk Description.
- How the cloud can help you be more agile in managing production reporting and production allocation
- How to do data integration in the cloud
- How cloud systems can help you respond to changing business demands throughout the asset life
- How the cloud can enable secure information exchange within the company and with partners
- Why cloud is a business revolution not a technology revolution

Oil and gas exploration and production is a dynamic business, rapidly evolving and continuously responding to technical and commercial challenges. Asset acquisitions, transfers and divestments are common features of this changing landscape, and even the largest operators struggle to obtain a coherent view of asset performance across their estate.

Small and medium sized operators frequently have to rely on their expertise and experience to optimise production from mature assets or those with limited reserves, and need to be able to start, extend, and complete production in the most cost-effective and frictionless way possible.

This presentation will use practical examples to demonstrate that the cloud is a key enabler of agile business practices in oil and gas, focussing on production reporting and production allocation. It will illustrate the challenges and complexities associated with adoption of a mature asset, and its associated systems and processes. It will describe data gathering across assets, to obtain a corporate view and deliver standardised reporting.

It will illustrate the benefits to be obtained when developing new assets, and the ways in which cloud systems can respond effectively to the demands of the business throughout the asset life. Finally, the opportunities afforded by secure information exchange both within the enterprise and with partners will be explored, offering potentially dramatic improvements in productivity.

Through these examples, we will show that the cloud is not a technology revolution, but a business revolution, allowing oil and gas companies to create agile business models that can respond more effectively to shifting market conditions.

Everything I do is about allowing our customers to focus on their core business, and spend less time worrying about IT. My current focus is on cloud computing as a way to deliver advanced solutions for production allocation and reserves reporting to oil and gas companies. We have customers around the globe, including West Africa, Trinidad, Azerbaijan, the UK, Switzerland, and China.

Cloud computing, oil and gas, production reporting and production allocation, reserves reporting, IT strategy

We aim to be the leading provider of cloud apps for every single oil and gas company. As part of that, we believe that every aspect of software provision for oil and gas can be improved. And improved again.

We deliver software solutions that are configurable, easy to use, exciting and evolving. We deliver exceptional service that recognises the individual needs of our customers and their businesses
12:10 David Reed - Real-Time Drilling Solution Lead - Drilling, Completions and Wells (DC&W) Practice
Wipro Limited
The challenges of real time drilling (RTD) infrastructure deployments

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Talk Description.
Real-time Drilling deployments (RTD) and initiatives are becoming increasingly common in the industry. The benefits and importance of these systems to safety, drilling optimisation and informed decision making are well documented.

However RTD infrastructure deployments are faced with a variety of challenges that can prevent organisations obtaining a good return on their investment. This presentation will outline some of these challenges Wipro believe are important and be a basis for thought and discussion with the conference delegates.
David's past projects include:

• Solution Lead for Wipro DC&W real-time drilling. Development of a real-time specific business capability within the DC&W practice. Creating and developing Real-time drilling IT solutions to fit business and industry needs,
• Technical Architect for a super Major on a high profile Real-time drilling global programme. Ensuring Functional Non-functional requirements and high level solution designs from lead architects are realised by physical and logical infrastructure and software. Architectural design of an industry leading WITSML test lab ensuring high level test methodology could be realised while maintain strict intellectual property rights.
• Architectural Design, quality assurance, and deployment for Real-Time drilling system to a major Gas Operator. Scope included: matching design to business requirements, alignment to Enterprise standards, vendor requirements, and ensuring the support model was fit for purpose.
• Architectural Design and quality assurance for a global Well Engineering function cost tracking and Rig scheduling system. Designing the E2E system (technology, implementation, testing, and support) within an agile development methodology.
• Solution architect for a Well integrity web portal application deploying across multiple business units. Working closely with Alaska based developers, ensuring the new system would fit into existing DC&W infrastructure.
• Solution Architecture and Rig based deployment for Real-time drilling system in Norway for a Major gas operator. Based on and off shore to provide management of the vendor and ensure risks were mitigated and implementation followed the agreed design.
• Architectural assessment and appraise for a fully virtualised DC&W application environment – Understanding workflows and business requirements to replace existing Citrix Application farms incorporating real-time drilling components.

Wipro Limited
Wipro Limited is a leading global information technology, consulting and business process services company. Wipro harnesses the power of cognitive computing, hyper-automation, robotics, cloud, analytics and emerging technologies to help clients adapt to the digital world and make them successful. A company recognized globally for its comprehensive portfolio of services, strong commitment to sustainability and good corporate citizenship, Wipro has over 160,000 dedicated employees serving clients across six continents.

Together, Wipro discovers ideas and connects the dots to build a better and a bold new future.
12:40 Panel discussion - for all morning speakers
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13:00 Lunch
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