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Improving IT security / infrastructure

Achieving an IT infrastructure which is secure, reliable, fast, global and easy to maintain
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Murray Callander
» chief technical officer
» Eigen Ltd
Joe Pindar
» Principal Solutions Specialist - Storage
» SafeNet

Wednesday, June 4, 2014
Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Aberdeen Treetops

Keeping IT and communications systems secure, reliable and fast is a massively growing challenge, with more hackers, more demands for communications speed, more complexity and more demands for mobile devices. IT managers often feel like they are the last to know about new projects, yet are required to get office standard communications infrastructure working quickly in remote parts of the world. This event looked at the latest practise and technology to achieve it, including ISA99, unified communications networks, maintaining security and being prepared for the future.

Part of our 2014 Aberdeen Offshore Data Week - subsea data, engineering data, IT infrastructure

Topics we will cover; maintaining security, reliability, keeping costs down, achieving fast deployment, finding the balance between security and usability, managing mobile phones, unified communications architecture

Event history - we previously ran this event in May 2013 and June 2012.
See delegates list for May 2013


8:30 Welcome coffee
9:10 Karl Jeffery - Editor
Digital Energy Journal
Introduction / safety announcement

Karl Jeffery is editor of Digital Energy Journal and managing director of Future Energy Publishing, which also publishes Tanker Operator magazine and Carbon Capture Journal. He was previously co-founder and editor of Digital Ship Ltd, a publishing company focussing on IT in the shipping sector. He has a BEng in chemical engineering from Nottingham University

Digital Energy Journal
Founded in 2006, Digital Energy Journal is the world's leading magazine for digital technology in the upstream oil and gas industry, covering developments in exploration, drilling and production, covering IT infrastructure, software, automation and people. We produce 6 issues per year, distributed by print and pdf, and an e-mail newsletter every Friday
9:15 Murray Callander - chief technical officer
Eigen Ltd
Avoiding intruders on a real time drilling system with multiple parties

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Murray Callander is the Chief Technology Officer at Eigen, responsible for the development and deployment of technology in support of remote monitoring and integrated operations for the Energy Industry. When not at home with his family (or fishing) he can be found working on the next generation of visualisation based on semantic web technologies and use of virtualisation to improve robustness in industrial systems.

Eigen Ltd
At the intersection of engineering and IT, Eigen is an industrial systems integration specialist that helps O&G companies make the right connections across different data sources, using data expertise and services.

Its platform (Ingenuity) is a visual operating system for industrial operations. It connects disparate systems together and provides a visual interface for interacting with data and automating information processes. This connects stored data (such as drawings, barrier definitions, inspection reports and work orders) - to provide operating context, flexible search and navigation.

Its simple to use information-visualisation tool, expedites the planning team's access to real-time data. Users can create their own dashboard and link real time information across multiple functions - offering interactive views of oilfield operations, to which details are immediately accessible to asset teams with just a few clicks.

Eigen works with specialist software supplied by Eigen, Aspentech, OSIsoft, ABB, Honeywell, Emmerson, IBM and others (including in-house developed applications). It has decades of experience enabling the connection and translation of information between systems.

It has offices in Aberdeen, Leatherhead and Baku and supplies the oil and gas industry in UK, Norway and Azerbaijan.

For more information
Eigen -
9:45 Joe Pindar - Principal Solutions Specialist - Storage
Ensuring Your Data is Secure

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Talk Description.
Encrypting your data is the foundation to protecting your assets. But what else can you do to ensure seamless access for authorized users, while keeping everyone else out?

When volumes of seismic images alone can amount to over one terabyte an hour, you need a robust solution designed to keep your data safe while ensuring the efficiency you require.

Summary: Managing vast amounts of sensitive data from seismic images, financial and legal records, and other critical intellectual property, energy and petrochemical companies organizations' assets are attractive to criminal organizations, nation-states, and malicious insiders. Your organizations are prime targets for cybercrime because of the high geopolitical and monetary value of the digital assets you manage.

So how do you keep your storage secure? Encrypting your data is the foundation to protecting your assets. But what else can you do to ensure seamless access for authorized users, while keeping everyone else out? When volumes of seismic images alone can amount to over one terabyte an hour, you need a robust solution designed to keep your data safe while ensuring the efficiency you require. Find out more in the SafeNet session.
SafeNet is one of the largest data security companies in the world, and is trusted to provide data protection solutions to the most sensitive data for market-leading organizations around the globe. Our data protection solutions ensure high value information is secure throughout its' lifecycle, providing data security from the data center to the cloud.
10:15 Multiple -
Panel Discussion
Cybersecurity discussion - what are the main threats - and what mitigation strategies might the audience not have heard of?

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Used for panel discussions

Panel Discussion
This is part of our agenda where Finding Petroleum has a panel discussion.
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Sam Murray - business development manager
Breaking down the barriers to mobile connectivity

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Truphone's mission is to deliver an outstanding international mobile experience around the world. That means excellent call quality, fast data speeds, reliable connections and local rates, both at home and away.
11:30 Charlie Boisseau - Head of Network Operations
Delivering mission critical global comms for the oil and gas sector

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Commsworld is Scotland's leading Independent Business Network Provider, delivering bespoke communications solutions to companies across Scotland, the UK and Internationally.

Commsworld have invested heavily in our state- of-the-art Fluency Network which spans the length and breadth of the UK that is designed to deliver low-latency Wide Area Network performance to our clients in a way that most other Providers fail to deliver. We have a growing number of PoP's across the UK including London Telehouse, Manchester and the Central belt of Scotland. Additionally, we have unbundled five Exchanges to date, with another three being brought online now.

We fully manage and monitor our own Network with a comprehensive online portal accessible by our clients. We were instrumental in the deployment of the recently launched Internet Exchange, IX Scotland, based in Scolocate / Pulsant designed to deliver Carrier peering and bring enhanced Internet performance to our Scottish based clients.

We are also the leading provider of Unified Communication solutions inclusive of running our own SIP and Voice Billing platforms.
12:00 Bill Green - Global Account Director
Hermes Data communications
Case study: implementing emergency satcoms after 2004 tsunami and lessons it offers for oil and gas industry

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Talk Description.
- How to set up communications infrastructure when nothing previously exists
- How to deal with always being the last to know
- Providing 'city standard' office communications via VSAT
- Working with remote colleagues
Bill Green has worked in the International Sales arena for over 13 years, supporting over £100M of sales for a large global telecommunications company and now currently working as Global Account Director in Hermes Datacomms, providing global communications to the Oil & Gas industry.

Specialties:O&G clients are benefiting from:
• Consistent global SLA across all sites
• Single point of contact/contract
• Robust and resilient infrastructure allowing centralised access of applications
• Proven delivery and service management capability in hostile and business as usual locations
• Dynamic change management as sites move
• Transparent commercial model ensuring best value and best SLA through contract lifecycle

Hermes Data communications
Hermes Datacomms, a company which provides satellite and data communications services specifically to the Oil & Gas sector with customers including Maersk, Parker Drilling, PSN, KBR, BP, Eni, Fluor and Petronas. With over 150 employees and earth stations in Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and UAE (amongst other locations), Hermes enables reach and rapid deployment to meet the rigours of the industry.
12:30 Panel discussion - can we come up with some ways to better manage communications infrastructure which the audience hasn't heard of?
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12:45 Lunch and close
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