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Improving decision making with subsurface data

How can subsurface data be better managed, presented and integrated, to support decision making?
Tim Hollis
» Studio Business Manager, SCA
» Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS)
Michelle Hollerbach Silva
» Technical Sales Consultant
» Senergy

Wednesday, April 17, 2013
Norwegian Petroleum Museum

We invite you to register for our Stavanger forum on April 17th about ways to improve decision making with subsurface data.

We have run events on the same subject in London and Aberdeen, and events on drilling data in Stavanger.

There is a lot of information available in our subsurface data - the question is whether it is managed, presented and integrated in the best possible way to support the people who have to use it to make decisions, such as where to drill next.

What is the best way to manage your subsurface data and projects, and what is the best way to make it as easy as possible to work with?

We have speakers confirmed for this event from Schlumberger, Halliburton Landmark and Roxar / Emerson,

I look forward to seeing you in Stavanger on April 17th!

Kind regards

Karl Jeffery, editor
Digital Energy Journal, London


9:10 Karl Jeffery - Editor
Digital Energy Journal
Chairman's introduction

Karl Jeffery is editor of Digital Energy Journal and managing director of Future Energy Publishing, which also publishes Tanker Operator magazine and Carbon Capture Journal. He was previously co-founder and editor of Digital Ship Ltd, a publishing company focussing on IT in the shipping sector. He has a BEng in chemical engineering from Nottingham University

Digital Energy Journal
Founded in 2006, Digital Energy Journal is the world's leading magazine for digital technology in the upstream oil and gas industry, covering developments in exploration, drilling and production, covering IT infrastructure, software, automation and people. We produce 6 issues per year, distributed by print and pdf, and an e-mail newsletter every Friday
9:15 Tone Kråkenes - chief geologist
From seismic interpretation to modelling with uncertainty

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Talk Description.
Capturing seismic uncertainty while doing seismic interpretation and using seismic uncertainty in the modelling workflows
I Have a master degree in Petroleum Geology from University of Bergen, Norway, and 18 years of experience from oil and gas

I worked for 10 years in oil and gas companies before I joined Roxar in 2005 (Saga/Hydro & ConocoPhillips)

- Well-site Geologist
- Well planning and Operation geology
- Reservoir Geologist (used RMS since 1999)

I have had various technical and commercial positions in Roxar Software Solutions

- Consultant in Europe
- Pre-sales in Europe
- RMS Product Manager
- RSS Product Marketing Manager,
- Regional Manager for America,

Chief Geoscientist, Oct 2012 - Present

Roxar is an international technology company supplying to the oil & gas industry. The company develops solutions for reservoir management and production optimisation for oil & gas companies challenged with maximising returns from their reservoir assets. Roxar is a business unit of Emerson Process Management.
9:45 Tim Hollis - Studio Business Manager, SCA
Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS)
Studio - the Multiuser Database for Petrel

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Talk Description.
For many years "Petrel" and "Data Management" were like oil and water - managing Petrel projects was often a case of disk space damage limitation. Not any more.

With Studio Knowledge - the database for Petrel - users now have the security of a multi-user database, a single source for their data, giving them the freedom and confidence to release their data into the Data Management workflow.

Finding data, sharing data and collaborating together is easy -across multiple co-ordinate reference systems (CRS), across multiple units of measurement, across multiple locations - transforming the user's Petrel experience from the "one-project, one-user" scenario, to user's sharing a single data source, capturing not just data but Knowledge, enabling more productive users workflows, giving secure and easy access to your Knowledge and sharing and collaborating for faster decision making.

Petrel E&P Software Platform helps increase reservoir performance by improving asset team productivity. Geophysicists, geologists, and reservoir engineers can develop collaborative workflows and integrate operations to streamline processes.

Studio is a knowledge centric collaboration environment - providing SIS application users a whole new level of productivity and knowledge management for petrotechnical data through a scalable solution which is valuable from small teams of users to the largest enterprise. The collaboration, knowledge management and personalization capabilities of Studio are integrated into the petrotechnical desktop applications such as Petrel to ensure seamless scalable awareness and access to key insight, information and results.
Tim Hollis is the Studio Business Manager for Schlumberger Information Solutions based in Stavanger. Tim has been involved in Information Management in the oil industry for the past 12 years working in London, The Netherlands, Aberdeen and Stavanger.

Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS)
Schlumberger Limited (NYSE:SLB) is the world''s leading oilfield services company supplying technology, information solutions and integrated project management that optimize reservoir performance for customers working in the oil and gas industry.
10:15 Michelle Hollerbach Silva - Technical Sales Consultant
- Integrating well data with ease, interpreting with accuracy and presenting with quality

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Originally from Brazil, Michelle holds a diversified background which includes a bachelor in Marine biology & geology and a M.Sc in Geology from The University of Oslo.

She has been working as a support geoscientist at Senergy AS for the past 2 years.

One of her main tasks is to develop and advise ODM database structures for oil and gas companies and to mentor geoscientists in the geological applications of the program.

Senergy develops, markets and supports innovative technologies
including Interactive Petrophysics (IPTM) and Oilfield Data Manager (ODMTM)
which have become invaluable resource tools for thousands of users globally.
Senergy software is supported by technical specialists across Senergy's
international locations. We have regional hubs in Europe, Americas, Middle
East, Far East and the Asian Pacific regions.
10:45 coffee
11:15 Greg Stephens - Landmark ESSA Region Commercialisation Manager
Landmark Software and Services (Halliburton)
Effectively manage the explosion in data that is happening within your company

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Talk Description.
The need to effectively manage the increasing volume and type of data and efficiently deliver it to the end user is a continuing challenge for data managers.

At the heart of Landmark’s DecisionSpace solution and the foundation for efficient decision making is the industry’s most trusted project data management technology, OpenWorks.

OpenWorks provides true multi-user data management thereby enabling your teams to work collaboratively - not in isolation.

The next generation R5000 version of OpenWorks is a technology leap forward, ensuring the most accurate data has been used for interpretations and analysis. Sharing data across a team reduces the total cost of ownership and eliminates the data management burden on the individual interpreter
Greg Stephens has 33 years industry experience beginning with seismic acquisition and processing before focusing on sales, marketing and business development spanning the E&P spectrum since 1989. Greg has been with Landmark for seventeen years and currently manages the Landmark technical pre-sales team covering the Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa region.

By contrast Alessandra has just two months within Landmark and joins the team as a geoscience pre-sales technical consultant. Prior to joining Landmark Alessandra has worked with oil operators providing geoscience onsite support while at another E&P software provider

Landmark Software and Services (Halliburton)
For more than 25 years, Landmark has been providing solutions to E&P challenges through the continuous development and enhancement of our leading high-science software and technology services. With over 350 patent filings since 2001, we recognize that solving your challenges of today, and those of tomorrow, requires constant innovation around everything we do.
11:45 Multiple -
Panel Discussion

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Used for panel discussions

Panel Discussion
This is part of our agenda where Finding Petroleum has a panel discussion.
12:15 Lunch in Bolgen & Moi restaurant for all delegates
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