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Digital Energy Journal tells the evolving story of digital technology and data in the subsurface energy sectors - upstream oil and gas production, CO2 sequestration and geothermal.

Our readers are people who recognise that digital technology can continually do more to help us find oil and gas reserves, drill and produce them efficiently, also extract heat, and put CO2 back.

A lot of this is about data, but it is not all about data. The word ‘digital’ encapsulates how we want to use digital technology to improve our decision making and understanding of what is going on.

An environmental activist may not agree, but the future of the world may come down to how safely and efficiently we do these things. Provide the energy which people have become dependent on, put CO2 back in the earth, make use of its heat, while renewable energy sector builds.

Digital Energy Journal’s coverage is increasingly about ESG – including better ways to understand and work with data about emissions including leaks; using digital tools to better govern operations and maintain safety, efficiency and cybersecurity. Also, how ESG data is shared with others.

Some of this can be done with standalone technology products, but increasingly it is done by integrating digital products together, and building models to provide us with the understanding that we need.

Our readers are people working in the sector who are interested in what digital technology can do and how people are doing more with it. If you provide products and services with digital technology for oil and gas / subsurface sectors, we offer a great way to reach your market, through advertising in our print magazine and newsletter, and custom webinars. Please read our media plan to find out more.

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