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Nov-Dec 2021   Nov 2021


Is industry doing enough to decarbonise? - Offshore Europe discussion with senior leaders from BP, Equinor and Harbour Energy, the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers, the UK Committee for Climate Change and the International Capital Market Association

Technologies which drive energy transition - DNV held a panel with senior speakers from BP, Equinor, JP Morgan and Corvus Energy


Aker BP’s approach to digital technology - Karl Johnny Hersvik, CEO of oil and gas operator Aker BP gave a comprehensive overview

Reducing emissions with digital technologies - senior leaders from Wintershall Dea, Aker BP and Cognizant shared perspectives

Is ‘digital twin’ still a useful term? - Is it time to replace it with a term like ‘industrial software,’ since so many different types of software are called ‘digital twin’ these days?

Making data easier to work with for factory workers - Panel from Aarbakke, Forrester and VISMA discuss

How Neptune Energy gets value from digitalisation - Kaveh Pourteymour, CIO of Neptune Energy, interviewed by John Markus Lervik, CEO of Cognite

Where digitalisation is going now – Cognite’s CEO panel - Aker ASA, Statnett, Hafslund Eco and Cognizant discuss where digitalisation is going now

Wintershall Dea and Lundin’s decarbonisation strategies - senior leaders discuss with Cognite's CEO John Markus Lervik

Views from BP’s senior VP digital Ahmed Hashmi- carbon digital twins, removing siloes, attracting talent, the technology portfolio and data standards


Engineering data visualization on bp’s Mad Dog 2 - how a data visualization and analytics system for process engineering data was implemented

Could all the industry transact on one network? - Efforts are underway to develop an “Energy Supply Chain Network” by joining together a number of purchasing / supplier networks

Using digital twins with Coriolis meters in multiphase flow - a means of measuring multiphase flow even with gas fractions of 25 per cent. By Aramco Overseas

An accountant’s perspective on oil and gas decarbonisation - from Reid Morrison,Global Energy Advisory Leader, Net Zero and ESG, and Global Client Partner, PWC

Mission Secure – top 8 OT cybersecurity best practises

PipelineSentry – making digital twins of pipelines - built using cloud computing and computer gaming engine technology Subscribers only

Sept-Oct 2021   Sep 2021


Energistics to become affiliate of The Open Group


Geothermal energy - understanding the business case. While geothermal energy seems unlikely to make a big change to the world energy system, it also offers too much potential to ignore. Our webinar on Jul 9 studied the business case for geothermal energy developments.

Speakers included John Leggate, Independent Energy Transition Advisor and board member of renewable energy Companies ; Zammy Sarmiento, a geothermal consultant based in Manilla; Karl Farrow, CEO, CeraPhi Energy Ltd, and former operations director, Petrofac; and Greg Coleman, CEO, Future Energy Partners, a former VP HSSE with BP.

Explaining OSDU - There is growing buzz in the industry about the Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU) project. We heard more about what it is, how to work with a commercial provider, and how Energistics’ standards are used in it, at a SPDM forum

Data formats within OSDU - It can be confusing that while OSDU is a standard data platform, it is not a standard data format, but makes use of standard data formats which already exist. Energistics’ Jay Hollingsworth explained more

How data management roles are evolving - UK industry body Oil and Gas UK (OGUK) commissioned Robert Gordon University (RGU) in Aberdeen to make a survey and report on how the role of data professionals is changing, and the status of digitalisation in the industry. It was asked to put together a digitalisation skills development road map

AEON - open access to public subsurface data

Norway’s DISKOS - building Version 2.0 on OSDU


The Open Group Open Footprint Forum, a project to develop a standard digital environment for industrial emissions and other environmental data, has strong oil major support and is developing its first product. Here are the latest developments, presented in a June online event

Ready to move software to the cloud? Oil and gas specialist IT managed service provider ISN Solutions shares advice on making the move.

Citizen software development in oil and gas - Citizen Development, the idea of domain experts such as petroleum engineers getting involved in software development - is gaining traction. We discussed what might be possible with hydrocarbon processing digital technology company Validere

How asset management technology is evolving - including sensors for condition monitoring, data management and analysis tools, software for overall asset management, and late life assessment. ABB explained its latest developments

Making it easier to close a BOP - The decision of when to close a blow out preventer (BOP) in drilling is very difficult, and there is a risk of rams closing around a tool joint in the drill string and not making a proper closure. Aramco is developing technologies to improve this. View Magazine

Jul-Aug 2021   Jul 2021

  • Lone Star – AI and predictive analytics for production assets
  • AVEVA customer panel - Challenges integrating operations and engineering data

  • LYTT – processing well fibre acoustic data faster
  • Ikon Science’s “Curate” cloud service How to make geothermal businesses work

  • Upgraded software in Roxar flowmeter
  • Validere – gas processing with better data
  • ML – and being sure our safety systems are working
  • IMRANDD -Event driven inspection vs risk based inspection
  • Quality of your data integration – and the value you get from software
  • "Touchless transactions” in oil and gas
  • BCG – digital leaders “more profitable”
  • Infield and Remote – two new Cognite products
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May-June 2021   May 2021

  • Moving industrial plant computing to the cloud
  • people are still confused about analytics
  • IOGP – standardising operations to decarbonise
  • Improving uptime on a platform using automation
  • Digitalising a Middle East oilfield

  • OSDU releases third version of its platform
  • Wood Mackenzie, ThoughtWorks and Agile
  • Intelie – analytics with major drilling company

  • Baker Hughes – ‘outcome based’ solutions with digital tech
  • Using unstructured data to reduce down time
  • – keeping hackers out of mobile apps
  • “Zero trust” in oil and gas cybersecurity
  • How BSM manages vessel performance
  • Too much data coming from drilling rigs? Filter it
  • Blockchain for seismic, ESG, JVs and transport
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Mar-Apr 2021   Mar 2021

  • Microsoft’s CEO talks oil and gas
  • Tom Siebel talks to Shell
  • The “Open AI Energy Initiative” launched
  • Total’s CEO on energy transition
  • Bob Dudley – how the industry should decarbonise
  • Baker Hughes strategy – energy transition,
  • digital, neurodiversity
  • Baker Hughes executives on the future of industry - VP drilling, the VP digital and the VP technology
  • STRYDE – making 1m channel seismic affordable
  • Supply chain emissions data – PIDX’s work on a new standard
  • How Deloitte helped oil majors improve tanker chartering with digital technology
  • Oracle – using the same data platform over project lifecycle
  • Using data science to check flow meters
  • eyeGauge – digitalising legacy equipment
  • Keeping physical infrastructure cybersecure - some tips
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