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You've heard about how digital technology can help us to find more hydrocarbons, drill more efficiently and safely, and produce more efficiently and safely. But how exactly does it best help? 
The answer is far from clear, but you can get much better informed on the various pathways the industry has found, success stories and ideas, by taking out a subscription to Digital Energy Journal, the world's leading print magazine for digital technology in the upstream oil and gas industry. 
As the industry adjusts to tighter margin operational models, making the most out of digital technology becomes much more important - but only if you use it in the best possible way. 
Our magazine has been published continuously since 2006, and is edited by Karl Jeffery, an experienced oil and gas / maritime journalist and conference producer, and qualified chemical engineer. 
We have single user subscription packages for GBP 250 / USD 310, and corporate subscription packages for GBP 795 / USD 990. It includes the latest print magazine sent by post and e-mail, and access to our full archive. The corporate subscription package includes up to 10 print copies and unlimited online / e-mail access for company employees. Many of the world's largest oil companies have taken out a corporate subscription package. 
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DATA SCIENCE, ANALYTICS AND MACHINE LEARNING - how it is leading to breakthroughs in understanding reservoirs, production, facilities and maintenance

IMPROVING SUBSURFACE UNDERSTANDING - new surveying techniques (seismic / gravmag), data integration and interpretation
DRILLING - how we are making better use of data automation, improved ways to work with drilling data to support better decision making and judgement, management of risks
PRODUCTION ENGINEERING - better and simpler ways to manage production, spot bottlenecks, make better adjustments
FACILITIES MANAGEMENT - software tools for asset management, predictive maintenance, satellite communications
DATA STANDARDS - to make integrating different systems together much easier, in drilling, production and reservoirs. Which software is quietly being kept proprietary so nothing can integrate with it?

SOFTWARE ARCHITECTURE OPTIONS - software isn't just software any more - do you want a rigid system, a flexible system, a monolithic software, or a platform plus apps architecture? If you want a cloud, what sort of cloud should it be? How do you make software less complex? 
SERVING INDUSTRY EXPERTS - the ultimate aim of (most) oil and gas software is to help industry experts - engineers, g+g, commercial people - to make better decisions. What happens if we orientate our software development entirely around this goal?

FOCUS ON SOLVING INDUSTRY PROBLEMS - senior management have objectives like improving production, reducing NPT, maintaining safety, improving reserves, reducing cost. What digital technology most contributes to this?

SENSORS AND SENSOR ARCHITECTURE / IOT - we're measuring more and more, monitoring more and more - how we can make it easier to connect everything together and do more with the data.

DIGITAL SUBSEA - the fast growth of digital technology in the subsea world including for communications, video, monitoring including wireless monitoring
Also - comprehensive coverage of 'digital' issues covered at our Finding Petroleums, coverage of our Digital Energy Journal forums, and other industry forums such as Intelligent Energy, decommissioning, subsea, industry technology events

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