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APS Technology Launches SureDrill Real-time Drilling Optimization Service

Thursday, May 9, 2013

APS Technology, Inc., a provider of MWD /LWD (Measurements-While-Drilling / Logging-While-Drilling), drilling optimization and vibration management products for the oilfield, announced the completion of three field tests of SureDrill, a predictive / closed-loop drilling optimization service that provides real-time operating set points to maximize ROP and bit life maximization under changing drilling conditions.

Drilling performance optimization begins with static and dynamic finite element analysis (FEA) of the bottom hole assembly (BHA) design. A proper design ensures that the BHA is structurally sound, capable of achieving the desired directional plan and that operating parameters are free of critical speeds. Analyzing the BHA before drilling begins reduces failures and helps to avoid unnecessary trips due to poor drilling performance.

APS's SureShot MWD System with Vibration Memory Module (VMM) - VMM uses tri-axial accelerometers to measure lateral and axial accelerations, and a two-axis magnetometer that measures torsional vibrations. Real-time vibration levels are transmitted to the surface. VMM also samples and stores high-resolution vibration levels and raw burst records throughout the bit run, which are then retrieved during trips for analysis. Spectral analysis of burst records helps to identify problem resonances.

Real-time Surface Measurements - Provided at 1 second intervals by 3rd party electronic rig data acquisition systems via industry-standard WITS protocol. RPM, torque, WOB, flow rate, differential pressure and ROP are used to calculate Mechanical Specific energy (MSE) and MSE dispersion (standard deviation).

APS's SureDrill Algorithm - Collects, stores and analyses the surface and downhole drilling data to
maximize ROP, minimize MSE and identify the operating parameters that cause the BHA to vibrate in resonance. The outputs of the program are real time operating recommendations that optimize drilling performance. The SureDrill screens can be viewed off the rig site via remote monitoring.

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