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APS Technology Launches SureShot EM Telemetry System

Thursday, May 8, 2014

APS Technology, Inc. announced the general availability of the SureShot EM Telemetry System. The announcement follows the completion of a successful joint field test which included drilling three wells; one in Signal Hill, CA and two in Bakersfield, CA with GeoGuidance Drilling Services, Inc., an independent, full-service directional drilling services provider specializing in directional drilling, well planning, mud motors and MWD/LWD services.

The EM system was tested at data rates ranging from 1 to 12 bits per second, power levels from 2 to 50 Watts, and carrier frequencies from 2 to 12 Hertz, and in an S shape well to measured depths extending beyond 4,400 feet and inclinations of 22 deg.

'All competing EM tools which had been run in the Signal Hill area previously had been run-off,' said John Hickey, Vice President, MWD/LWD Products at APS. 'The SureShot EM Telemetry System's adaptability to rapidly changing signal conditions was of tremendous benefit while drilling this well. The SureShot EM Telemetry System is an important new extension of our highly successful SureShot MWD/LWD product family, which is supported locally in China, Russia, Dubai and the United States.'

The EM system communicates by transmitting electromagnetic waves through the formation instead of pressure pulses through a fluid column. Benefits include time saved by transmitting surveys during a connection, high data rates, and the ability to operate in conditions where mud pulse telemetry cannot.

The surface system's ultra-sensitive quad receiver and companion laptop software display the incoming signals from up to four antennas simultaneously, and let the operator manually or automatically choose the antennas with the best signal (patent pending). A downlink transmitter allows the operator to change the downhole system's data rate, power output (with 1 Watt granularity), data/survey sequences, and operating frequency, and also enables initiation of surveys on-command. Downlinks require only 17 seconds to complete, and may occur on a different frequency than the uplink.
Rigsite assembly of the downhole EM telemetry system is simplified by a unique sliding contact ring (patent pending) and requires no wet-connect bayonet connector, telescoping shafts, crush rings, spacers, shims or measurement even when using a re-cut gap sub or flow sub.

"I like that APS's EM system can be tested on the ground and rigs-up quickly due to the well-thought-out on-site workflow and user interface," said Justin Laribee, VP of Operations at GeoGuidance Drilling Services, Inc. "I was also pleased that we can downlink on a different frequency than used for uplinking; the downlinking is quick and operation resumes automatically afterwards. The gamma plus propagation resistivity capability is a strong differentiator for the APS MWD system.'

Complementary APS options for the SureShot EM Telemetry System include a turbine alternator and a depth tracking system, as well as SureShot MWD's Pressure While Drilling (PWD), integrated vibration and a broad range of other measurements.

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