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Add Energy launches smart solution to give assets a voice

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Add Energy's Asset and Integrity Management (AIM) division has developed a new award winning, integrated solution which promises to revolutionise the way industries across the world monitor, track and analyse components of their fixed assets in real-time.

Launched June 16, its latest award-winning technology, AssetVoice, combines features from asset management, change management and real-time location systems - and offers a single source of data for an asset's location, state, and availability.

From oil and gas and pharmaceutical sectors to the police and military, the software and hardware solution can be implemented across multiple industries to help optimise operations. It allows users to digitally monitor, track and produce analytics for the stocked, stored and fitted components of an operating asset throughout its lifecycle and in real-time.

Representing a £300,000 joint investment by Add Energy and the UK Government (Innovate UK), the launch of AssetVoice is the result of a second Knowledge Transfer Program, in which Add Energy, the University of Salford and the UK government have collaborated on. The software was also recently awarded an 'outstanding achievement of excellence' award from the UK Government KTP, a rare and prestigious recognition of the innovative development of an end to end solution for Automated Asset Change Management, and for the advanced cyber security elements built into the software.

Executive Vice President of the AIM business, Peter Adam said, 'Add Energy is proud to reveal our latest technology which has been created after years of hard work by our team of experts. We are extremely encouraged by the level of interest we've received so far, with several parties looking to implement the solution in the coming months.

'AssetVoice enables assets to be self-aware using RFID technology, IoT sensors and cloud services. It offers a central and reliable location for asset lifecycle data with less reliance on human intervention. While this process of monitoring, tracking and analysing data has traditionally been carried out manually, our fully integrated, digital solution offers a more efficient and cost-effective alternative. And due to its flexibility it can be used by any business that needs to tag and track assets, or people accurately - regardless of sector - whether that asset is medical equipment in a hospital, valves on offshore equipment or pumps on a garage forecourt.'

With additional offices in Norway, Houston, Calgary, Saudi, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Muscat, the company provides innovative consultancy, service, and software solutions to optimise asset performance across oil and gas, power generation, mining, utilities and chemicals.

Over the last 18 months Add Energy's AIM division has celebrated a series of successes including the opening of new offices in Calgary, securing significant new business and winning prestigious awards for its work, such as the coveted Queens Award for Enterprise.

'We are proud to invest heavily in developing and bringing to market innovative technology that can transform the way we work for the better,' Mr Adam continued. 'Only last year we launched our cloud-based software Aim-Hi which optimises maintenance management to improve asset performance. This technology was the first software to be created in collaboration with The University of Salford in Manchester and has now been deployed across multiple locations.

'And now, AssetVoice is the next step in our exciting journey. By having accurate, real-time visibility of equipment at their fingertips, companies can make their assets more self-aware, in effect giving them a voice and enabling users to work smarter in this ever-challenging economic climate by effectively managing what they monitor.

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