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Aeon - seamless access to public subsurface data on the Public Data Repository

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Aeon Geoscience Systems of Edinburgh, UK, has launched a free platform to provide access to public subsurface data on the UKCS.

Aeon Geoscience Systems, of Edinburgh, UK, has developed a free platform to provide access to public subsurface data/reports, starting with the UK Continental Shelf. It is available online at

The platform provides access to public subsurface studies commissioned by the UK's Oil and Gas Authority (OGA), put together by companies such as Lloyd's Register (now Vysus Group), CGG, Applied Petroleum Technology and Getech.

AEON also provides access to data from other public sources, including presentations from conferences which are publicly available, a NW Europe CCUS database, public well data, log data, core measurements, geochemistry, and other well sample data.

Matthew Jacobs, senior geologist, AEON Geoscience, formerly worked on public subsurface studies as an employee of Lloyd's Register.

The OGA's 'Open Data Portal' has functionality to search for data/reports on a map and download files, whilst Aeon provide visualisation of these data within the PDR, Mr Jacobs says.

'Over the years OGA has been sanctioning various subsurface studies, engaging these companies to deliver really great data/reports.' Mr Jacobs says.

'I know from personal and industry experience, there's a real challenge in accessing this data in a coherent, time efficient manner and Aeon want to highlight the value of these data through the PDR.'

On AEON's 'Public Data Repository' platform the data/reports can be accessed in a number of ways. Reports and documents can be interactively selected from representative shapefiles, such as hydrocarbon fields and you can search for all of the data relevant to a certain well or block.

You can retrieve a list of wells based on metadata parameters, such as; wells spudded on a certain date, all deviated wells, wells penetrating a certain stratigraphic layer, or where a certain layer is absent.

Users can combine datasets, for example, by reviewing regional geologic maps based (partly) on stratigraphic penetration information whilst looking for stratigraphic data about any of those wells individually.

The software also has a 'borehole visualisation tool', for viewing available well data such as wireline logs and sample data.

The platform is free to use, with the providers of the data clearly acknowledged.

One aspect of AEON's business model is for companies which sell proprietary studies to promote/market their products on the PDR, and it currently has 7 data providers on the platform.

It also uses the PDR as a demonstration vehicle for its enterprise licences, which companies may wish to license for use on their corporate data.

Examples of how users may use the platform include companies undertaking exploration assessments in an area, 'farming in' to an existing opportunity or supplementing their in-house knowledge.

In other areas of the energy industry, it has applications in geothermal or wind projects, including access to shallow seismic studies, and the reservoir and well data is valuable to CO2 storage projects.

AEON's future plans for the PDR include extending the platform's coverage to NW Europe, introducing e-commerce for the purchase of third party proprietary data, integrating data from the National Data Repository and launching subscription based products with advanced functionality.

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