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App technology launched with real time information access for digital workers

Friday, May 25, 2018

Offshore Oil and Gas digitalisation software provider and systems integrator, Eigen, has built an app that provides access to real time information for Oil and Gas platform managers and operatives, using wearable devices.

Working in partnership with Lundin Norway, Eigen has deployed technology to enable the Digital Worker to gain immediate access to critical data, using an app or by wearing a headset with a visor interface. This provides offshore workers with easy and fast access to operational information in one place.

Using special image processing technology or by quickly entering search terms, users access information and use the system to automatically identify and display information related to the equipment including:

• Documentation
• Live performance data
• Equipment parameters such as manufacturer or current spare part inventory
• Maintenance history and future plans
• Any alerts or alarms that have been generated recently

The new wearable and app technology is built on Eigen's 'Ingenuity' platform - a smart layer that provides contextual linking on top of existing systems. This new digital capability increases operational efficiency by eliminating time spent understanding status and allows engineers to focus on important tasks.

Commenting from Eigen, Murray Callander, CEO, said, 'This new technology solution enables Digital Working offshore, making critical information available in real-time to those who need to use it. The technology is a prime example of our approach of rapid evolution of operational capability enabled with Industry 4.0 technologies.
The Ingenuity platfrom enables the speed of innovation and solutions required to rapidly evolve and deliver new capabilities. This demonstrates the value of our platform technology, combined with an approach to making incremental investment based on business cases that deliver value at each step.'
The implementation will be trialled shortly on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The configuration of Ingenuity was developed to run on Android based wearables (within just three weeks) and will be available on the App Store imminently.
It will be used to engage with field-users and use direct feedback, evolving even more valuable refinements. The technology will go into full production from June.

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