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Arria NLG announces Proof of Concept Agreement

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Arria NLG plc (AIM: NLG), a leader in the development and deployment of Natural Language Generation (''NLG'') technologies, announces a new collaborative proof of concept agreement with a leading provider of power systems controls intelligence to the aviation industry (the ''POC Agreement'').

The POC Agreement provides for a pilot application to use Arria''s NLG technology for narrative summaries on the data generated by on-wing turbine engines. These data driven summaries will enable airline operations teams to further optimise their maintenance or refurbishment of jet engines.

The project should result in the more efficient handling of the vast amounts of inflight engine performance data, enabling the maintenance programmes to be conducted with greater efficiency and at a lower cost for both the service provider and the airline operators. Successful completion and acceptance of the pilot NLG application could lead to further development, deployment and licensing agreements and new revenue streams for Arria.

Stuart Rogers, Chairman and Chief Executive of Arria NLG plc, commented: ''This is an exciting development for Arria in that this POC Agreement will leverage our extensive work with complex rotating equipment in the Oil & Gas Industry, developing applications in the Aviation Industry that will deliver efficiency gains and other cost benefits. Given turbines are such critical and widely deployed pieces of equipment in so many major industries - Oil & Gas, Aviation, Energy, and Defence - this agreement represents a significant opportunity to extend the reach of Arria''s NLG applications. We welcome the opportunity to apply our scientific leadership and highly developed NLG Engine with a leading provider of power systems controls. Following a successful pilot application our intention is to progress to revenue earning contracts with this important new client.''

The Arria NLG Engine:

The Arria NLG Engine is the software at the frontier of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Computational Linguistics. Key features of the Arria NLG Engine include:

· allowing Arria clients to capture, in software, the human expertise used in both analysing data and in communicating the information that data contains;
· making it possible to automatically write reports that are indistinguishable from those that a human expert would write to convey actionable conclusions; and
· because the knowledge is embodied in software, the Arria NLG Engine produces results in seconds rather than hours and can be replicated, scaled up, and made available globally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

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