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Aspen Technology delivers unique training for sustainability technology pathways

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Comprehensive Learning Program for capital-intensive industries has already empowered 1,000+ individuals to improve operational excellence and address real-world sustainability challenges

Reading, UK. - 10th November 2022 - Aspen Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:AZPN), a global leader in industrial software, today announced the details of its industry-first Sustainability Training Program for customers and partners. The robust training made for all experience levels consists of 18 classes designed to expand users' expertise on how to accelerate progress on critical sustainability pathways with digital technology. More than 1,000 individuals have already broadened their skillsets and helped to improve their organisations' sustainability position by successfully completing the training.

'Our customers are facing the dual challenge of meeting the increasing demand for resources from a growing population, while addressing sustainability goals. This, coupled with generational workforce changes, has made operational excellence and continuous education incredibly important for capital-intensive industries,' said David Reumuth, Sr. Director, Customer Support and Training, AspenTech. 'AspenTech's Sustainability Training Program is empowering a new generation of industry users to grow their practical knowledge of proven digital solutions that are making an impact on sustainability. The program is aligned with key sustainability technology pathways that are putting our customers and partners in the best position to mitigate their environmental impact and meet the dual challenge.'

Capital-intensive industries are using AspenTech solutions to advance technology pathways that will help them achieve their sustainability objectives. Sustainability technology pathways include improving resource efficiencies, supporting energy transition and decarbonisation initiatives, innovating new approaches for hydrogen economy and carbon capture, and enabling recycling efficiencies for waste reduction.

Components of AspenTech's Sustainability Training Program

AspenTech's Sustainability Training Program includes practical examples from AspenTech's 60+ sustainability models. AspenTech sustainability models are used by capital-intensive industries to make progress toward their near- and long-term sustainability initiatives, like managing emissions and developing carbon capture technologies.

Participants start with a flexible, self-paced eLearning program that fits their schedule. This is followed by a combination of expert-led training that can be customised per company and small group coaching sessions to improve the proficiency of complex industrial concepts.

Once the training is complete, AspenTech continues to partner with participants to help them track organisational competencies across operating facilities and their enterprise to ensure company-wide, long-term value. As a result, attendees become proficient in the role of digitalisation and operational excellence in achieving sustainability results.

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