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Asset Guardian Solutions Software of Choice for BP's Quad 204 Project

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Asset Guardian Solutions Ltd (AGSL), which specialises in protecting companies' process critical software assets, announced that its software management platform Asset Guardian has been chosen by BP to manage the process control software used to operate Quad 204.

Quad 204 is an impressive field redevelopment project located West of Shetland in the UK. The aim of the project is to construct a new Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) vessel to replace the existing Schiehallion FPSO. It will also feature a sizeable extension of the existing subsea system, with 15 new and replacement flow lines, and 21 new and replacement risers. Coupled with 14 new wells in addition to the 52 existing ones, it is a considerable undertaking.

Enhancing performance, boosting security
BP selected the Asset Guardian toolset to enhance performance and reinforce the security of the process control software currently being installed throughout the Quad 204 Project.

In addition to using the basic Asset Guardian toolset, BP will also benefit from AGSync, which was designed especially for use in the oil and gas industry. AGSync makes it possible for data and files to be synchronized between multiple locations.

The AGSL project is comprised of three phases. The first phase involves the management of process control software during the installation and site commissioning. The second phase requires the management of process software while the modules are being transported from the construction site to their ultimate destination West of Shetland. This is followed by the final phase, which will be to complete the installation, commissioning the project in readiness for operational start-up. Each of the three phases requires a different network configuration to ensure the integrity and effective management of the process control software.

The FPSO and its subsea structures will be installed in modules and be producing in late 2016.

Frame agreement truly global
BP entered into a global frame agreement with AGSL in 2008. The agreement requires the process control software specialist to provide the Asset Guardian toolset to BP, as and when required. In addition to the Quad 204 and Clair Ridge Projects, BP uses it to operate assets in Angola, Azerbaijan, Oman, Oklahoma and Alaska.

"As a major global operator, BP has extremely demanding process control software management needs. As the company forges ahead with the critical Quad 204 field redevelopment project, now more than ever, every measure must be taken to ensure that all process control software and data associated with the project is properly managed and protected," said Peter Beales, Business Development Manager for AGSL. "Our commitment to BP and the integrity of its assets continues to drive our product solution development as we strive to provide world class software configuration management tools. We look forward to working with BP to ensure that the Quad 204 Project progresses smoothly, and operates safely and productively for many years to come.'

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