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Blueback Reservoir announced the release of the Blueback Toolbox v. 15

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Blueback Reservoir, announced the release of the Blueback Toolbox plug-in for Petrel version 15.

The Blueback Toolbox suite of Petrel plug-ins contains Petrel functionality features not available in standard Petrel. It has been developed by the Blueback Reservoir development team using the Petrel development framework called Ocean. All functionality has been developed based on requests from Petrel users around the world and the development is coordinated with the Petrel software teams at Schlumberger.

Split into four different domain modules, the Blueback Toolbox is a collection of more than 100 plug-in features complementing current Petrel workflows and has proven to be a valuable time saving tool for Petrel users. The Blueback Toolbox version 15 supports Petrel 2014 and the new 'Ribbons' user interface. In addition the new version contain several new and advanced tools, like the 'Wavelet editor' which allows the user to perform operations; like average, shift and flip on one or more wavelets, in addition to the 'Waveform classification' that searches seismic data for matching waveforms to aid classification of seismic data and identification of facies types.

'We are proud to release the latest version of the Blueback Toolbox. The new tools, the improvements and the added user interactivity we gain through Petrel Ribbons, are all based on good communication with clients and users, and a good portion of hard work from the development team.'
said Dr. Mårten Blixt, Product Manager at Blueback Reservoir.

The four modules of Blueback Toolbox are seamlessly integrated with Petrel with the same familiar and easy-to-use user interface and can be downloaded on the Schlumberger Ocean Store ( Contact Blueback Reservoir for additional product information or for questions around installation and testing.

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