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Centrax Gas Turbines sells generators for Russian oil fields

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Centrax Gas Turbines of Devon, UK, reports that it has won contracts to install and commission 17 generating set packages on 17 oilfields in Russia operated by TNK-BP.

It will install 12 generating set packages on the Ust Teguss field in the Tyumen region, on the West Siberian Plain some 1600km east of Moscow. Each generator will be a 5.2mW Rolls Royce 501 unit, with total generating capacity of 62.4mW.

5 CX501-KB7 packages will be installed at the Verhnekolikieganskoe facility near Rostovskaya in the south-west of Russia, where they will supply 24MW of power.

For both contracts, a major factor in the choice of Centrax packages was their operational flexibility and their ability to operate on associated gas with variable fuel quality, the company says.

The company has previously supplied 14 units for use at other TNK-BP sites in Russia.

A further contract has been signed with St Petersburg operator Zvezda Energetika, to supply 2 gas turbine packages to the South-Oshkoye oil field in Russia's Komi Republic in north-western Russia, some 800km north-east of Moscow.

Centrax says that its ability to deliver the first unit within just four months was a prime factor in winning the contract, helping the customer minimise its exposure to penalties incurred by flaring associated gas during 2013.

The generators are designed to operate in harsh conditions.

'In the Komi Republic average mid-winter temperatures drop to around -20C, with an all-time low recorded at -58.1C,' says Centrax Regional Sales Manager Nick Royal.

'In the Tyumen region the average temperature over the whole year is only around 1.3C, with continuous below-freezing conditions for much of the winter.

"The engine's relative simplicity, with single-shaft construction, makes it eminently suitable for service throughout the Russian Federation and the CIS."

'We have also developed a standardised design of package for cold-temperature environments, incorporating special features such as additional space-heaters and a temperature-regulated control panel shelter. These allow the equipment to be installed outdoors and to be maintained properly at these ambient conditions without the need for a special building, significantly reducing the overall project cost for our customers.'

The 501KB7 gas turbine's light weight, at less than one tonne, means it can be delivered by road or helicopter. The modular design and build of Centrax packages ensures quick and convenient installation, commissioning and maintenance.

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