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Cepsa chooses AWS as "preferred cloud provider"

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Spanish energy and chemical company CEPSA has announced that it has selected AWS as its "preferred cloud provider"

It says it plans to develop new services and develop "IOT and analytics solutions", and "Software as a Service offerings" on AWS.

Cepsa plans to move all its servers and IT operations to AWS, including 12 SAP HANA installations covering accounting, invoicing, supply chain management and manufacturing, for its oil, utilities and retail sectors.

It expects a minimum of 25 percent cost savings each year as a result of the migration.

Cepsa is using a range of AWS cloud services, including a "data lake" on Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) using AWS Lake Formation (for quickly ingesting, cleaning, cataloging, and securing data in a data lake), AWS Glue (for preparing and loading data for analytics), and Amazon Kinesis (for collecting, processing, and analyzing streaming data) to get insights from more than 300,000 sensors located in its manufacturing, refining, and energy production facilities in Spain, Brazil, and China.

The sensors run AWS IoT Core, which connects devices easily and securely to each other and the cloud, and AWS IoT Greengrass, a service that extends AWS capabilities to edge devices so they can act locally on the data they generate.

With the cloud systems, Cepsa can track operational trends, improve supply forecasting, and quickly identify inefficiencies to reduce waste and energy use while increasing the output of refined products.

For example, Cepsa used AWS in its chemical plant in Huelva, Spain, so it could better monitor and optimize the production process for phenol, a raw material used to manufacture different types of polycarbonates, nylon, medicines or insulating materials. The system now provides Cepsa engineers with recommendations on how to balance raw materials, energy use, and output, resulting in increased phenol production, while carbon dioxide emissions decreased by 1,500 metric tons per year.

Cepsa will participate in the AWS Digital Innovation Program and an AWS Cloud Envisioning Workshop, programmes that help organisations adopt methodologies and technologies.

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