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Data management for gravity and magnetic data- by ARKeX

Thursday, February 27, 2014

UK geophysical service company ARKeX reports that it is moving ahead with its 'FieldBank' service which provides online access to gravity and magnetic exploration data.

The purpose of the system is to make data management and licencing much easier.

The service was developed in partnership with the British Geological Survey (BGS) in 1997.

FieldBank performs two roles; the first is to provide users with the ability to search and licence a broad range of brokered and released gravity and magnetic data, and secondly to support oil and gas companies in their growing and changing needs for secure data management.

ARKeX brokers gravity and magnetic data for the British Geological Survey (BGS), IHS, PGS, TGS-Nopec, WesternGeco and is the release agents for the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the Petroleum Affairs Division (PAD) a division of the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources of the Irish Government.

Data is available covering most of the major petroleum regions of the world with particular extensive coverage in the UK and Ireland.

For clients using the service to manage their own data ARKeX uploads the proprietary data into FieldBank and then provides three service levels for the client to view and access their data.

At service level 1, the clients proprietary data, as well as a range of data available to license, can be viewed and searched using a map and keyword search functionality via a web browser.

At service level 2, you can additionally load/visualise survey information in third party mapping packages such as Petrel and ESRI's GIS packages. This allows you to search and interrogate the complete FieldBank database in conjunction with other proprietary datasets i.e seismic and well information.

At service level 3, you can additionally have a synched copy of the FieldBankTM database that is hosted within a company's internal IT infrastructure with all proprietary data accessed locally via third party software.

To search by map, you zoom in on the on-screen map in your area of interest, draw a box around the area you are interested in, and the system shows the data which is available within that box.

Payment for the service is an initial set-up fee, an annual support and maintenance fee from year two, fees to upgrade service levels, and fees for the data being uploaded.

"Clients like that FieldBank is a focal point for all their gravity and magnetic data needs, allowing them to both manage their data and look for new data licensing opportunities ," says Lyndsey Smith, Account Manager of FieldBank.

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