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Developments at LMKR

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Subsurface data and modelling company LMKR reports that it has formed a partnership with petroWEB, an oil and gas data and information management company based in Colorado, Canada and Houston.

The agreement is for LMKR's "GeoGraphix" subsurface interpretation system to integrate with petroWEB's "Enterprise DB" exploration and production data management system, built on the PPDM model.

Enterprise DB can serve as a corporate well master, well log repository and well file management system.

By putting Enterprise DB together with GeoGraphix, you have a single system for managing large volumes of subsurface data, LMKR says.

LMKR has also formed a technology partnership with LUMINA Geophysical, a company based in Houston which provides special tools for quantitative interpretation of the subsurface, based on a mathematical method called spectral decomposition. This allows more geological information to be extracted from geophysical data.

As a result of this partnership, LMKR will release a new software tool called Predict 3D in early 2015. This is a multi-attribute inversion solution based on spectral decomposition.

The multi-attribute inversion process predicts rock properties from well logs away from and in between the wells that have been used for correlation. This helps understand the nature of the reservoir away from the wells.

LMKR has also made improvements to the user experience with its GeoGraphix 2014.2 subsurface software, improving seismic interpretation speed and capability, offering larger memory access and up-front well loading optimization.

There is improved integration with depth geomodels. This means that users can easily depth convert faults and incorporate into a sealed earth model as well as combining seismic interpretation data and well picks into the geomodel.

Enhancements to velocity modelling and depth conversion make it easier to depth convert seismic with velocity models generated from defined horizon-formation top relationships.

LMKR has developed a 3D volume attribute generation tool, which can manage both trace based attributes (such as sample, window and Hilbert), and frequency based attributes. All of the frequency-based attributes use a patented spectral decomposition technique for higher resolution results.

LMKR GeoGraphix 2014 also delivers tighter integration between geological and geophysical interpretations.

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