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Eigen - integrating drilling and equipment data

Thursday, March 19, 2020

UK software company Eigen has built a digital drilling operations portal for Lundin Petroleum and a digitalized engineering support project for oil and gas operator Chrysaor.

UK oil and gas software company Eigen has built a 'digital drilling operations portal' for Lundin Petroleum, compiling data from 18 drilling reports into a number of integrated dashboards.

The aim is to give people a much easier way to understand current status, reduce 'e-mail clutter', and make it easier to share accurate information between departments.

So staff will no longer need to work with the multiple reports and spreadsheets shared across different departments to find out what is going on.

'The portal will go a long way towards making platform operatives more efficient and helping them to spend less time looking for information,' said Lundin's Project Lead, Martin Westeng.

Managers can get an overview picture of all their rigs, what they are doing, how far they have drilled, how productive they are (e.g. in feet per day) and associated financial data.

The portal can show the costs of various delays - so people can immediately see that the delay waiting for delivery of a part has cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.

For example, you can show details about flights, people on board and the names of key personnel as part of the drilling report.

You can also search historic data and reports.

The system can scrape data out of drilling reports which are sent from the rig every day. All the offshore crew need to do is send it to one more e-mail address, says Murray Callander, CEO of Eigen.

The hardest part of the software development work was bringing together multiple pieces of data together so you can display something clearly, such as the time depth curve, how the drilling progressed over time.
'Calibrating time-depth is an art,' Mr Callander says.

To ensure reliability of the data, Eigen tries to minimize the number of links in the data chain, from the data source to the drilling portal, he said.

It is critical that the data in the report is accurate, otherwise 'people stop trusting it really quickly.'

The contract between Eigen and Lundin is defined as 'Development as a Service (DAAS),' where Eigen agrees to continually develop the software, adding features which the client requests, for an ongoing fee, rather than a one-off contract to build to a specification.

Eigen has been Lundin's digitalisation partner since 2015, and has developed a number of operations dashboards, including giving real time visibility of people offshore.


In September 2019, Eigen announced a 'digitalized engineering support project' with oil and gas company Chrysaor.

Eigen will build process system monitoring, equipment performance monitoring and condition monitoring displays for Chrysaor's critical mechanical and process equipment.

It will be set of 'asset overviews', including data about equipment performance and condition monitoring, and data from OSIsoft 'PI' historians, based on a functional design developed by Chrysaor.

The system is based on the Amanda Lomond and Everest platforms, and was due to be completed in Q4 2019.

Mr. Callander envisages that in future there will be much more information available about equipment, including taking data from analytics systems actually on the sensors themselves, known as 'edge models'. These systems can make use of all the available data from the sensor, because there is no need to remove resolution from the data so it can fit through a communications pipe.


Eigen sees itself as 'at the intersection of engineering and IT', and an industrial systems integration specialist.

When it comes to predictive analytics, people talk a lot about monitoring compressors, and 'that model is quite well proven,' but they are not necessarily the most common causes of failures.

For example, one common cause of trips is loss of air pressure in the supply of compressed air to instruments, Mr. Callander said.

The sewage system is also critical, if it fails you may need to send all the offshore staff home.

Its platform, which it calls 'Ingenuity', connects sensor data and stored data (drawings, barrier definitions, inspection reports and work orders).

Eigen works with specialist software supplied by Eigen, Aspentech, OSIsoft, ABB, Honeywell, Emerson, IBM and others (including in-house developed applications). It has decades of experience enabling the connection and translation of information between systems.

Eigen has offices in Aberdeen, Leatherhead and Baku and supplies the oil and gas industry in UK, Norway and Azerbaijan.

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