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Elsevier makes exploration seamless for geoscientists

Thursday, June 26, 2014

New plug-in integrates georeferenced maps and scientific data from Geofacets with 2D and 3D geological and geophysical models on Petrel E&P software platform

Elsevier announced the launch of Geofacets Connector for Schlumberger Petrel* and Studio*. Geofacets Connector for Petrel and Studio integrates hundreds of thousands of maps and associated papers seamlessly with the Petrel platform's analysis and workflow tools.

Using Geofacets Connector for Petrel and Studio, geoscientists can query a specific area or topic and, via a single interface, combine georeferenced maps and scientific data from Geofacets with 2D and 3D geological and geophysical models created on the Petrel platform. This integration not only provides a more detailed overview of a region when investigating ways to develop and improve yields, but it also enables users to validate proprietary data with external insights from trusted sources including the Geological Society of America, the Geological Society of London, the Society for Sedimentary Geology and the Society of Economic Geologists. Geoscientists tasked with the discovery and analysis of oil and gas reserves in upstream exploration can therefore make quicker decisions and more confidently assess risks relating to exploration projects.

'Geofacets Connector for Petrel and Studio enables users to access valuable geologic insights via a single platform,' said Ella Balagula, SVP, Engineering and Technology at Elsevier. 'The insights added from georeferenced scientific maps play a key role in helping geoscientists understand the potential risks associated with exploring new or frontier areas. No two geoscientists will have the exact same interpretation of a single set of information. Access to Geofacets within the Petrel platform and Studio environment will help to validate and deepen a geoscientist's analyses and interpretations, giving them confidence in their conclusions.'

The impact of this technology integration is significant and far reaching, with the potential to improve the efficiency of workflow as well as the effectiveness of research earlier in the exploration process. With seamless access to more tools and resources than ever before - from cutting-edge analysis to growing libraries of geological information - it's never been a more exciting time to be a geoscientist.

The Geofacets Connector for Petrel and Studio is designed to address the evolving ways in which geoscientists work in the 21st century. By seamlessly integrating content and analysis within one platform, Geofacets Connector for Petrel and Studio removes the need to consult multiple sources and tools when performing analysis. Today geoscientists have access to the best of both worlds - content and analysis tools - on a single platform.

The Geofacets Connector for Petrel and Studio will be available from today. For more information, visit

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