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Elsevier's Geofacets adds more than 80,000 maps

Monday, October 14, 2013

Elsevier announced that geological maps from GSA's leading line of journals and books have been integrated into Geofacets, Elsevier's research tool for geoscientists working in exploration.

The collaboration means that geoscientists in subscribing companies from the oil and gas and metals and mining industries can now access an additional 80,000+ peer-reviewed maps and associated metadata from market-leading publications such as the journal Geology and the acclaimed Decade of North American Geology book series, taking the total number of maps offered through Geofacets to over 350,000.

The GSA''s collection of maps include those published as early as 1934 and covers key regions of natural resource exploration around the world today.For instance, adding GSA maps will double map coverage for North America from approximately 45,000 to over 90,000 and increase offshore maps worldwide from over 26,000 to 35,000; providing in-depth insight for companies wishing to capitalize on resource opportunities in these areas. In addition, the GSA''s maps and geological information will also provide additional map coverage for other critical exploration areas; such as Central and South America, Asia, and Africa regions.

''GSA''s collaboration with Geofacets meets a core society mission,'' said Jack Hess, Executive Director of GSA, ''As a geoscience non-profit, our goal is not just to publish geoscience research, but to serve the global community through the discovery and application of this research. By joining Elsevier and many other societies on the Geofacets platform, we simplify the work of the geoscientist, expand the reach of our content, and make our research as useful and accessible as possible to professional-practice geoscientists.''

''Ultimately, our collaboration with GSA accomplishes Elsevier''s continued objective to provide a uniquely comprehensive and innovative solution that provides insights for rigorous scientific analyses, giving companies a real advantage in the high-risk and competitive world of natural resource exploration,'' said McMellon.

The GSA module for Geofacets is available immediately. Elsevier will be demonstrating Geofacets at an exclusive cocktail reception for Houston-based geoscientists working in the oil & gas industry on October 3rd in Houston. Register via

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