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GeoTeric makes workflow easier as it releases the 2016 version of its software

Friday, June 17, 2016

GeoTeric has announced the release of GeoTeric 2016 incorporating faster performance, improved usability and new technology.

With the 2016 release, GeoTeric has introduced a completely new file format, specifically designed to address the issues of processing and visualisation of large post-stack seismic volumes. This has led to a 90% reduction in the time from starting the computation to seeing the results on screen for most processes. At the same time, the new file format removes the need for separate visualisation cache files reducing disk space requirements by up to 80%. Targeted algorithm optimisation work has resulted in faster preview generation and attribute optimisation for the example driven Geological Expression tools. The focus on performance optimisation is rooted in delivering the interactivity that is at the heart of the Cognitive Interpretation workflow.

Aligned with this is the Cognitive Navigation system that has been integrated into GeoTeric 2016. Cognitive Navigation is designed to remove the complexity caused by having hundreds of icons or difficult to navigate, layered menus. It achieves this through an 'intelligent' context sensitive system that ensures the options that are available to progress to the next stage of the workflow are always easily accessible. This increased user flexibility in GeoTeric 2016 has been introduced at the direct request of users who are increasingly integrating GeoTeric into their E&P workflows.

GeoTeric 2016's broadband seismic capabilities have also been extended. Most notably in the Spectral Expression tool, which now allows greater control over the spectral shaping process, including the ability to work with frequencies down to 1 Hz.

Dr Gaynor Paton, Director of Geosciences said, 'GeoTeric has always offered innovative, new technologies, many of which are an industry first. The GeoTeric 2016 release provides a streamlined way of working with and integrating this great technology into the wider workflow. Cognitive Navigation allows users to seamlessly work their way through our Cognitive Interpretation workflows in a very intuitive environment, which, together with faster processing speeds, means that users will have more time for interpreting the geophysical and geological meaning of their data.'

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