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Goliat Barrier Status Panel goes live

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Eigen / Eni Norge Partnership delivers next generation of operational risk and barrier management.

Offshore Oil and Gas digitalisation software provider Eigen, has rolled out a state-of-the-art Barrier Status Panel solution together with Eni Norge which has enhanced operational barrier management on the Goliat FPSO within weeks of going live.

Delivered in close collaboration with SAFETEC and SINTEF which has contributed with extensive Risk and Barrier Management know-how and experience, this is the first implementation of its kind to restructure the understanding and management of risk. The project dramatically reduces the time required to identify and analyse Operational Risks in the form of Barrier status.

The Barrier Status Panel gives a real-time overview of the barriers in place in order to control major accident hazards on the Goliat FPSO. The intuitive visualisation solution in the panel gives the system engineers, maintenance and operational personnel a quick overview, enabling them to prioritise activities in order to reduce risk.

The system combines data from multiple systems then combines it further with an asset digital twin to calculate the real-time status across tags (10 600), barrier elements and functions. In its initial weeks, the Barrier Status Panel project has already delivered value through more effective maintenance prioritization.

This solution has increased the visibility of real-time asset integrity and risk picture, therefore enabling the organisation to reduce the risk of major accidents.

'This is a great example of the benefits available from Operational Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 initiatives that have combined to deliver the next generation of Operational Risk Management: Engineers can now understand and make sense of large amounts of complex information in minutes instead of hours and days', said, Murray Callander, CEO, Eigen. 'This brings value in improved safety and efficiency and highlights our ability to deliver challenging technical solutions to industry problems at low cost.'

Eigen has an ongoing Frame Agreement with ENI Norge for specialist services in Operational Digitalisation and a pipeline of further improvement projects are planned. The Barrier Status solution is also being made available to other operators as part of the Eigen Ingenuity platform.

Eni's HSE Project Manager, Live Fornes, said, "The Panel gives real-time visibility of barrier status and hence provides a step change in Eni Norge's ability to understand, prioritize and act on major accident risk."

'The development of the Panel was a complex project, but Eigen proved excellent technical skills, flexibility and ability to deliver according to requirements and agreed schedule', said Eni Norge's ICT Project Manager Stein Tyldum.

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