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Ikon Scence announces commercial availability of Ikon MetaStore knowledgebase

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ikon Science, the global GeoPrediction company, announced the commercial availability for licensing of the new Ikon MetaStore knowledgebase.

Ikon MetaStore organises all the metadata, parameters, properties, analytics, results and equations that are developed during integrated rock property workflows involving the evaluation, calibration and modelling of the subsurface. By making this knowledge available to geoscientists independently of the traditional project-by-project structures, Ikon MetaStore delivers a broader usage of the know-how accumulated over many years of usage of rock physics, well tie and forward modelling solutions, including those built around Ikon Science's flagship RokDocQED platform and other solutions.

To make it easier for energy company team members and experts to experience the powerful GIS and keyword search tools of Ikon MetaStore, a cloud-based trial platform accessible from any browser is now available for evaluation purposes. The information available in the context of this trial is limited to public information.

Ikon MetaStore is a Java based, cross platform server-based application that allows access to rock property knowledge through cloud- or private cloud-based mechanisms from any web browser, including tablets. The system was developed with the expertise of British company FUSE-IM using their XStreamline Platform, which greatly accelerated the time to market for the product.

'Ikon Science is demonstrating its innovation-driven, nimble product development philosophy by making the first commercial version of the Ikon MetaStore available only 8 months after the project's inception' said Martyn Millwood Hargrave, CEO of Ikon Science, 'further enhanced features and capabilities will be deployed later this year with version 2.0.'

'The ability to evaluate and explore the product's capabilities through a cloud-based implementation will allow our customers to see for themselves how this new tool will help retain and share the valuable knowledge accrued over the years by their teams' said Cameron Davis, VP Global Sales.

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