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Ikon Science has released further enhancements to its leading RokDoc software

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

RokDoc 6.5.1 adds new analytics and analysis methods to the Industries leading integrated rock properties platform, improving predictive workflows throughout the whole E&P to drilling business.

• The New Attrimod module is a multi-2D seismic forward modelling tool which offers advanced multi scenario -2D modelling within the RokDoc stratigraphic 2D modelling toolkit, providing rapid quantitative testing of play, prospect and drilling targets.
• New Updates to RokDoc Ji-Fi enable enhanced use of rock physics and trend data - radically improving frontier and sparse data exploration well prediction, hundreds or even thousands of kilometres from the nearest well.
• Pressure Prediction Module enhancements include time / event information improving interpretation context and reliability of this safety and environmentally critical drilling workflow.
• The RokDoc multi well analysis Python toolkit is now A.I. and machine learning ready creating a host of possibilities for advanced data analytics in Unconventional and subtle reservoirs.

In line with other recent releases, Ikon's focus has been on improving the user experience of RokDoc with less button clicks, enriched functionality and faster performance. The entire RokDoc Platform see's significant improvements to visualisation, base map controls, handling of horizontal and supra horizontal wells, seismic data loading, and handling of pre-stack data.

New to the RokDoc platform is the Attrimod multi-2D seismic forward modelling tool. Attrimod offers advanced multi-2D scenario modelling within the established RokDoc stratigraphic 2D modelling toolkit. With Attrimod the construction of hundreds of geological scenarios based on different layer configurations, rock properties and well data is automated, and workflows can be applied to modify the models based on rock physics concepts. Once models are constructed, attributes can be derived across all models simultaneously; attributes can be utilised as a database to maximise understanding of rock property variations in field appraisal, plus identify and characterise areas within the seismic data that match certain geological scenarios.

The latest release of the award winning RokDoc Ji-Fi offers the ability to provide accurate quantitative subsurface prediction for frontier exploration and sparsely drilled areas, hundreds and even thousands of kilometres from well control. Additional improvements include integration of 3D velocity and density information where available, the use of laterally and vertically varying wavelets and noise fields to deal with spatial variations in seismic amplitudes relating to attenuation and noise and a 5X increase in performance for generation of stochastic realisations and scenarios.

Enhancements to the Pressure Prediction Module include the capturing of the timing of geomechanical, operational and drilling-based events, such as the date and time of each pressure measurement and events recorded during drilling, drilling breaks, tight spots/holes, trips, pack-offs, swab/surge, cavings, and clay balling This rich data context improves the reliability of calibration of pressure data, critical to drilling and environmental safety.

In October 2017, Ikon Science significantly enriched the capabilities for those wanting to use Python to code their own RokDoc plug-ins. This December release delivers multi-well capabilities, in addition to MatLab and 'C' toolkits, providing a rich data environment for A.I. and machine learning.

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