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Ikon Science is offering FREE e-learning until June 2019

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Ikon Science, the global geoprediction company, is moving its renowned rock physics and reservoir characterisation training classes online, allowing busy oil and gas professionals to access key learning materials anytime, anywhere.

In today's time-pressured environment, with looming deadlines and conflicting priorities, blocking out an entire week for training can prove challenging. So Ikon Science have chopped their classes into bite-sized chunks, enabling the RokDoc user base to access easy-to-follow mini-workflows at a time of their choosing.

The online versions follow established rock physics workflows, but with greater freedom to explore a range of functionality.

Ikon's most subscribed courses, covering the Rock Physics and Reservoir Characterisation workflows, are available right now, with Seismic Data Conditioning and AVO Inversion already in the pipeline.

The Rock Physics course covers the fundamentals of rock physics theory, along with practical examples using the RokDoc software platform. The e-learning encompasses a wide range of topics, including data loading, calibrating rock physics models, predicting wireline logs, performing fluid substitutions, estimating seismic wavelets, and forward modelling in half-space, 1D and 2D.

This provides insights into the petrophysics, geology and geophysics, and then combines them to instill a deeper understanding of the subsurface.

The Reservoir Characterisation course takes rock physics models to another level, focusing on the calibration of model meshes, forward and reverse modelling, lithological depth trends and 3D model creation.

They then move on to the various reservoir characterisation tools available in RokDoc, including 3D Bayesian classification, elastic property projections, AVO analysis and modelling geology directly from seismic.

The Seismic Data Conditioning and AVO inversion course covers the fundamental theories of wavelet estimation, data conditioning and deterministic inversion. The theory is then applied to real-world data, to create elastic property volumes, including acoustic impedance, shear impedance and density, as well as derivative products, such as Poisson's ratio and Extended Elastic Impedance.

For those who prefer the human touch, all Ikon Science courses are still available in person, either as private or public classes.

All e-learning courses will be priced at $750 per user for three months, with three-month extensions available at $500 per user. For those on current maintenance and support contracts, the rock physics and reservoir characterisation courses are currently free, for up to five named users per client site, until the end of June, 2019.

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