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Ikon Science launches RokDoc and Ji-Fi

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Ikon Science announce the launch of RokDoc 6.6.2, featuring a host of new technology and workflows that enable users to deliver the critical subsurface understanding to make robust exploration drilling and field development decisions.

This latest software delivers the new Deep QI technology, a new and rapidly expanding portfolio of powerful workflows and solutions for the application of modern Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks to subsurface problems.

Deep QI, Ikon Science's Machine Learning approach to quantitative interpretation delivers the first in a series of planned major software updates focusing on applied Machine Learning algorithms. Featuring new software functions and data tuned algorithmic choices, users can now train both Deep Neural Networks and Support Vector Machine algorithms to predict discrete and continuous properties seamlessly across 1D (e.g. well logs) through to 3D (e.g. seismic and engineering models) and into 4D (e.g. time lapse seismic) domains.

''This new breed of applied machine learning techniques presents exciting new opportunities for the oil and gas E&P industry'' commented Martyn Millwood Hargrave, Ikon Science chairman and founder ''for several years we have been researching ways in which Deep Learning algorithms can aggregate the valuable knowledge contained within months, years or decades of detailed, physics based historical data analysis including geophysical, geological, geopressure and geomechanical domains and we believe that these new tools will deliver considerable value to our customers, present and future''.

RokDoc 6.6.2 also sees 3D Reservoir Characterisation workflows fully in depth with auto generation and rendering of all objects in both the time and depth domain regardless of their native formats. Users can now perform seismic data conditioning, seismic depthing and inversion on the fly. RokDoc 6.6.2 release also sees the full commercial release of depth domain Joint Impedance and Facies Inversion (Ji-Fi) for all existing Ji-Fi customers. This enables users to interactively invert post and pre-stack seismic data to geological facies images and corresponding rock properties, delivering those properties in a framework that connects seamlessly into the world of geomodelling.

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