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Ikon Science new integrated rock physics and geopressure study of the North Sea

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ikon Science announced today the completion of its latest Roknowledge product, the Central North Sea (CNS) Study. A multi?disciplinary team spent over a year systematically working through the data, analysing and investigating over 35 wells across a broad area of the CNS. A first of its kind, the study integrates rock physics with geopressure to identify and unlock hidden E&P potential and provide a unique calibration and interpretation of the seismic behavior at key reservoir intervals.

8 principal sponsors have received their packaged deliverables which include a detailed report of the corrections, harmonisation and re?interpretation of the well's relevant data, accompanied by a commentary on all the aspects of the data relevant to rock physics and geopressure. The study then integrates the information from all 35 wells to build a comprehensive model for the variations in rock properties and pressure gradients across the CNS area, as well as providing tools to predict these elements away from well control.

Study team lead Kester Waters, QI Manager EAME commented ;
'The CNS study represents a significant step forward in the evolution of Ikon Roknowledge products and brings together borehole data from an increasingly wide variety of sources to provide an integrated geological and geophysical database for exploration, appraisal and development activities. The study delivers insight into the key geological processes (burial diagenesis, overpressure development etc.) which control and impact reservoir and nonreservoir (seismic) behaviour across some twenty separate stratigraphic formations spanning the Eocene to Permian. This extensive rock property data base and regionally consistent interpretation provides today's interpreters with the tools they require to confidently develop, test and constrain their geological models and well prognoses against seismic observations.'

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