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Ikon Science relaunches Geos Between Jobs Program

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Ikon Science, a global provider of knowledge management solutions designed to optimize subsurface discovery, announced the return of its Geos Between Jobs Program.

The program delivers a free e-learning RokDoc Rock Physics training designed to help unemployed geophysics professionals improve their skillsets.

'With the global oil industry bracing for job losses that could reach the six figures, we wanted to be proactive in supporting industry professionals affected during this unprecedented downturn,' said Denis Saussus, Chief Executive Officer. 'This illustrates Ikon Science's commitment to making sure our geoscientists maintain their competitive edge.'

The program first began during the last oil downturn in June of 2016, when Ikon Science invited geoscientists for in-person RokDoc training covering rock physics log analysis, QI, Gassmann substitution, synthetics, wavelet estimation, tuning models and 2D model building. The participants were granted a three-month license, with data and support. Job seekers were also invited to Ikon client events and attended other training classes.

To adjust for our new reality due to COVID-19, the RokDoc Rock Physics training program has shifted to a free e-learning course with an expanded opportunity to include more attendees and geographies. Upon completion there will be access to a free for 30 days non-commercial license of RokDoc to further develop new skills. When normal business resumes, Ikon will reinstate our Geo's Between Jobs training courses in Ikon Science's Houston, London and Kuala Lumpur offices.

The Details:

The RokDoc Rock Physics e-course is intended for new and intermediate users who require an introduction to RokDoc and the rock physics theories behind the software. Participants will follow a curriculum of videos of rock physics theory and RokDoc workflows, composed of data loading and QC, predicting missing data with calibrated rock physics models, blocky modelling, log-based rock physics analysis and 2D forward modelling. This material also covers Gassmann dry rock modelling, elastic log analysis, cross-plotting and well ties. Further analysis is then performed in RokDoc 2D to determine the effects of seismic tuning, fluid substitutions, porosity perturbation and noise.

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