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Intelligent wellhead systems opens operations base in Midland, Texas

Thursday, April 6, 2023

Rising demand in Permian Basin Triggers Expansion

HOUSTON, TEXAS - April 6, 2023 -- Intelligent Wellhead Systems, Inc. (IWS), a leading supplier of digital control technologies that improve oil and gas well completion operations, today announced that it has opened a new base of operations in Midland, Texas.

Rapid adoption of automation technology and digital solutions for completions drove the need for local customer support, logistics and a full-service operations base to support the Permian Basin.

Quick turnaround facility enhances quality, boosts productivity

'As we assessed customer activity in the region, it became clear that maintaining a quick turnaround facility in the center of the Permian was necessary,' said Steve Sinclair-Smith, COO for IWS. 'We can now inspect, service, and outfit our equipment fleet, along with providing upgrades to our equipment. Followed by the ability to then send it directly back into the field for use. This location makes it possible for our field teams to quickly travel to the wellsite when short-notice support is required. As a result, we help keep customer operations moving forward, leading to more uptime while increasing quality and efficiency on the wellsite,' he added.

Visualizing rig-up provides better understanding & performance at wellsite

The facility serves as the IWS regional training center, outfitted with a comprehensive wellsite simulation system where the local IWS team is trained and customers have the ability to learn how to operate the inVision Technology Platform in a controlled environment. As each deployment is based on the customer's unique standard operating procedures, field personnel can now install and operate the digital twin of their operation before rigging up on location.

Expanding the team to support customers

Already, IWS is working on behalf of major operators throughout the Permian Basin and the new base will also provide opportunities for additional growth. Another objective of the Midland location is to further support industry growth and the local economy. To achieve this, IWS will actively recruit additional local staff from the greater Midland area.

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