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LMKR announces the launch of GVERSE applications suite

Monday, November 2, 2015

Revolutionizing the world of geoscience and engineering applications with fast, easy to use scalable tools.

Fast, Easy to Use Scalable Tools
GVERSE is for geoscientists who need fast, on-the-fly solutions that maximize productivity without raising costs. GVERSE applications cover everything from prospect generation to field development and are designed to be inter-operable with other E&P software suites, cutting the time required for interpreting complex subsurface geology.

More Insight, More Control
Providing actionable intelligence for asset teams, GVERSE is changing the game with:
• On the go access to data
• Quick visualization
• State-of-the-art optimization techniques

GVERSE Attributes
The multi-paned viewing environment, unmatched by any software in the industry, along with streamlined workflows and high resolution 3D seismic attributes help boost performance. The value of seismic data for seamless interpretation is maximized by fast, on the fly visualization of seismic attributes which allows for in-depth attribute analysis with immediate feedback.

GVERSE Predict3D
GVERSE Predict3D is a multi-attribute inversion solution*, based on spectral decomposition and state-of-the-art optimization techniques, to predict rock properties away from wells using well logs and seismic data. This enables you to understand the reservoir effectively and reduces risks associated with well planning and field development.

GVERSE WebSteering
The only web browser based geosteering application in the E&P industry to plan or adjust your well trajectory through instantaneous information or in an offline mode. GVERSE WebSteering is a complementary* tool for GeoGraphix users who can sync their interpretations on-the-fly with their GeoGraphix projects and update their target surface in smartSTRAT®. This application lets you stay ahead of the drill bit with real time information accessible from anywhere.

GVERSE Connect
Seamlessly integrate well, seismic and maps to increase efficiency in an integrated interpretation environment with GVERSE Connect. Leveraging strengths of two leading E&P Technologies, GVERSE Connect enables fast database to database exchange for efficient and optimized user experience by utilizing the right tool for the right job.

GVERSE Planner
With today's hectic drilling schedules in field development, time is of the essence in delivering planned wells, and an integrated approach in software is required for delivering results on schedule. GVERSE Planner unlocks a multiple well planning approach, with the ability to visualize geologic surfaces, quickly create surveys and geoprognosis reports, and just as easily make changes to existing plans. It provides geologists with the capabilities needed to accurately design proposed wells and make well completion decisions to maximize productivity.

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