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LYTT launches real time well and reservoir data visualisation dashboard

Thursday, April 22, 2021

LYTT, a software and analytics company delivering actionable insights to inform optimized energy operations, launched spotLYTT, a new cloud-based visualization dashboard that gives operators unprecedented visibility into the production performance and health of each asset in their portfolio in real time.

spotLYTT livestreams reservoir insights from acoustic and temperature data sourced from fiber optic sensors alongside time-series data to users anywhere in the world via the cloud. It provides O&G companies with an intuitive, secure and continuous way to see exactly what is happening downhole. These insights enable asset managers to identify immediate threats and opportunities to inform their operational decision making without needing to spend time handling and interpreting data.

To date, products attempting to provide this critical level of reservoir performance insights have been unable to give users remote access to dynamic visualizations of in-well data in real time - a key requirement for driving efficiency and enhancing production across the increasingly remote-working international oil and gas industry. LYTT's solution has been designed to fill this critical technology and operational gap, giving instant oversight to the engineers and operations teams working to refine and optimize a global asset base.

Prad Thiruvenkanathan, Co-Founder, LYTT, said 'spotLYTT is a cloud-based web interface that provides users with a complete, dynamic view of production insights displayed alongside other contextual sensor information - allowing petroleum engineers to see the impact on production profiles within wells resulting from operational changes.'

'The intuitive dashboard can be used by hundreds of users across an organization and be customized to provide specific access to meet various user needs. It shows the big picture as well as the needle in the haystack by providing users with the functionality to go from seeing a monthly view of information to focusing on a minute's worth of insights, seamlessly.'

Tommy Langnes, Co-Founder, LYTT, said: 'Just a few years ago it was thought impossible to generate any real time subsurface insights from fiber optic data. Once LYTT overcame the big data and analytics challenges through the LYTT LYVE platform, we wanted to provide users access to critical insights through the creation of spotLYTT. This user interface facilitates collaboration across functions and geographies, enabling truly effective operational decision making.'

LYTT is holding a webinar to launch spotLYTT and outline why the dashboard is so transformative for the industry. LYTT's team will show the dashboard in action and give attendees a sneak peek of what's to come. To register for the product launch webinar, please use the link below:

• May 18th (09:00 GMT+1):

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