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Lev Vernik signs deal with Ikon Science to become latest Scientific Advisor

Friday, May 25, 2018

Ikon Science, the leading global GeoPrediction Company announced a new partnership with Lev Vernik, author and world expert in rock physics.

Lev Vernik pioneered research on seismic rock properties of organic shales at Stanford and has 22 years industry experience.

Lev Vernik has been working with Ikon Science in recent times to bring a series (17) of unconventional rock-physics-models (RPMs) into RokDoc and in 2017 launched a new training course exclusively with Ikon Science to enable users derive the maximum benefit of these new tools.

Lev commented ''the theoretical models benefit from empirical calibrations using both log measurements and core data. The RokDoc environment greatly facilitates the utilization of these RPMs (and property prediction functions based on them) in data analysis and estimation of key reservoir qualities such as TOC, porosity, and saturation, as well as key completion quality indicators such as stress profiles. Further development of RokDoc's capabilities will make the software even more powerful in seismic reservoir characterization and geomechanics''.

Lev champions the belief that the seismic petrophysics specialty and expertise are a critical component in solving the key challenges relating to the characterization of unconventional reservoirs. The training course seeks to integrate petrophysics with seismic using a rock physics approach.

As a Scientific Advisor to Ikon Science, Lev will continue to work with Ikon Science to bring more unconventional and conventional models into RokDoc and will also act as an advisor to the Ikon Science Services group.

Denis Saussus (Ikon Science Chief Technology Officer) commented 'Ikon Science is honoured and delighted to be working closely with Lev. Lev has had a long and distinguished relationship with industry and we are excited to be combining forces to provide clients with impactful solutions.'

Lev Vernik will be speaking on the Ikon Science booths at GeoConvention Calgary, EAGE Copenhagen, URTeC Houston and SEG Anaheim. Interested parties can find training dates for the course ''Seismic Petrophysics and Geomechanics of Unconventional Shales'' at

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