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Maersk uses Kongsberg drilling simulators in Denmark

Friday, December 16, 2011

Maersk has selected Kongsberg's drilling simulators for its forthcoming offshore training facility in Svendborg, Denmark.

The facility is called Maersk Offshore Simulation and Innovation Centre (MOSAIC) 2. It expands on an existing "MOSAIC" facility.

Building work at the new centre started on Nov 29 2011.

'The simulators will enable our crew to train specifically in the surroundings they find themselves in when going to the rig," says Claus V. Hemmingsen, CEO Maersk Drilling.

"With a more team oriented training approach, it will provide the most realistic drilling operations simulation training available in the market today. This will increase safety and help our teams to operate more effectively,'

'The lessons learnt and existing high quality simulator training we provide at MOSAIC 1 have resulted in a measureable safety record in this field,' says Tonny M. Moeller, Operations Manager at Maersk Training.

'In addition to enhanced safety and emergency preparedness, the new simulator centre is expected to enable time and cost savings for Maersk Drilling because offshore crews and specialists can train on procedures and emergency situations prior to a mission. This ensures that all eventualities can be planned for, for every different operation.'

Kongsberg will supply Maersk Training with a range of simulators and support, for offshore drilling operations training.

There will be an offshore vessel simulator which can be configured as various vessels, such as a control room on-board a floating semi-submersible rig, a jack up towmaster station and an anchor handling vessel. The new simulator will be mounted on a motion platform (so the ground moves for added realism).

There will also be a Kongsberg's K-Chief 700 automation system simulator, a K-Pos Dynamic Positioning Trainer and a Ballast Control system simulator.

There will be a Neptune Engine Room Simulator with touch screen technology, and three new engine models specially developed for advanced drill rig and other offshore operation training.

A brand new Riser Management Simulator and a crane simulator are included with the final delivery scheduled for 2013. The long-term contract also includes a service support program, which will commit the two parties to continuing their simulator training partnership at MOSAIC throughout the next decade.

The simulator can be used for training teams as well as individuals.

Crews from Maersk Supply Service will also use the new facilities.

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