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MicroSeismic Inc. Partners with ShowMyWell

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Together, their clients will be able to monitor/track at well sites in real-time throughout the lifespan of the project.

HOUSTON, TEXAS - March 28, 2023: MicroSeismic Inc. (MSI), entered into a strategic alliance with Digital Oilfield provider ShowMyWell to provide continuous subsurface and surface monitoring solutions for site assessment activities and the management of GHG emissions. ShowMyWell's plug & play IoT capabilities provide monitoring solutions that respond to ongoing changes in field conditions or advancements in technology. Therefore, their installations are not static like traditional SCADA systems and can quickly and easily adapt to such changes by simply adding or removing sensors, meters, probes, or gateway devices. Their highly versatile continuous monitoring solutions are applicable to a variety of challenges across multiple energy and environmental industries.

Such as:

• Environment: CO2, methane, H2S, GHG
• Sensors: air, soil, vibration, temperature, proximity
• Meters: fluid, gas, pressure, thermocoupler, temperature
• Aqueous Probes: O2, pH, CO2
• And much more….

The partnership will provide continuous monitoring solutions and deliver a rapid, cost-competitive, and autonomous alert system for notifying stakeholders of changes in environmental conditions that are indicative of anomalous or unplanned events. As an alert system, the monitoring solutions may trigger additional action to assess conditions and determine the appropriate course of action, including rapid deployment of repair personnel to minimize damage to the environment.

As part of this agreement, the companies will develop a turn-key solution that satisfies Government-mandated measurement, monitoring and verification (MMV) regulations associated with CCUS facilities. MicroSeismic CO2SeQure will utilize its imaging technology for tracking the plume of injected CO2 in the subsurface and identifying fracturing in overlying sediments that could result in leakage of CO2 to the surface. ShowMyWell will utilize its wireless IoT monitoring technologies along with its ML/AI analytics for monitoring environmental conditions in near surface aquifers, soil, and the atmosphere. The flexibility of ShowMyWell's IoT installations will allow for quick deployment of additional field equipment or realignment of existing devices to focus on high-risk emission areas identified by the passive seismic and data analytics.

'Blending our industry-leading passive seismic imaging technologies with the IoT monitoring and analytics capabilities within ShowMyWell will establish a turn-key continuous monitoring solution not available elsewhere within industry' says Gary Hargraves, President, and COO of MicoSeismic. Douglas Nester, CEO of ShowMyWell notes 'The strong synergies between our Companies allows our Alliance to leverage our resources to develop innovative monitoring solutions that detect and mitigate fugitive emissions and site abnormalities in the most effective and efficient manner possible.'

MicroSeismic and ShowMyWell plan to release their turn-key monitoring solution in Q-2 2023.

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